A video recorded by a teacher who was dedicated to urban exploration

Exploring in a war zone: the landscape after a battle in a forest in Ukraine

I wanted to dedicate my last post of 2022 to the brave people of Ukraine, who are currently suffering from a brutal invasion at the hands of the Russians.

War zone exploration: an abandoned Russian military camp near Chernobyl
An autumn walk through a playground and the center of Kiev after a Russian missile attack

As a consequence of this invasion, many Ukrainians, both men and women, enlisted in the Armed Forces to defend their Homeland. Some civilians, who were already members of the military reserve (the Territorial Defense Forces, FDT) have been mobilized. One of them is Volodymyr, a computer science teacher who was already a member of the FDT before the invasion. This man has a YouTube channel, Professor iz INJEKa, where he before the war he had posted some interesting videos on urban exploration.

The most recent video that Volodymyr has posted on his channel is from December 1 and shows us an exploration, but this time in a war zone. In this case we see military vehicles and a Russian camp abandoned in forests near Izyum, a Ukrainian city in the Kharkiv region, in the north of the country. Izyum was taken at the beginning of the Russian invasion and was recaptured by Ukrainian forces during their counter-offensive in September (the video is in Ukrainian, but there are no subtitles):

You can see here some captures of the video. Here we see boxes of ammunition abandoned by the Russians.

Newspapers abandoned by the invaders.

An image showing the large number of ammunition boxes left behind by the retreating Russians.

Among the material left behind by the invaders there were also rockets.

A wrecked Russian artillery piece.

A wrecked Russian MT-LB armored car, with the characteristic letters "Z" that identify the military vehicles of the invaders.

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