A video showing daily life in the Ukrainian capital during the war

An autumn walk through a playground and the center of Kiev after a Russian missile attack

This week, Russia has returned to attack the city of Kiev, in a new attempt to sow terror among the civilian population of Ukraine.

Mariupol before the invasion, seen by a photographer killed by the Russians
Así era Mariupol antes de la invasión, vista por un fotógrafo asesinado por los rusos

As I told you Tuesday ago, one of the places attacked was a playground, in which a missile crashed leaving a large crater. Obviously, living in such a situation is traumatic, but Putin does not seem to have achieved his goal of intimidating the Ukrainian people. Proof of this is a nice video published this afternoon by the YouTube channel What is Ukraine. This channel belongs to a Ukrainian woman, Olena, who lives in Kiev and is the mother of two girls and a boy. At the beginning of the invasion, her husband volunteered for the Ukrainian Army. I have been following this channel since the beginning of the invasion: it is a good way of discovering, without intermediaries, what the Ukrainians are experiencing.

This afternoon, Olena has toured the center of Kiev, showing an image that many of us would not expect from the capital of a country at war. There are cars on the streets, people coming and going, and seeing most of the images do not seem that we are seeing a country at war. Among other things, Olena shows us the gardens of Taras Shevchenko , where her husband proposed to her 15 years ago, next to the monument dedicated to the Ukrainian writer after whom that place is named, and where the playground attacked on Monday by the Russians is located. The video lasts one hour and Olena presents it in English:

You can see some screenshots of the video below. The video begins with some images of the streets of a beautiful city that anyone could confuse with Madrid or Paris.

The Park of Taras Shevchenko. There are adults and children, couples walking, retirees playing chess...

A musician playing the guitar in the gardens of Taras Shevchenko. The Russian attacks have not managed to kill the joy and desire to live of the Ukrainian people.

A couple walking their dog in the gardens. It could be a scene taken in any peaceful country.

The crater caused by the Russian attack last Monday next to the playground. Next to him, a man comments, "We are not afraid," and suggests that they leave it like that as a monument to Russian-Ukrainian relations.

The Khanenko Museum, located right next to the children's playground attacked by the Russians. It is an art museum and many of its windows were broken by the missile explosion. They have had to temporarily replace them with wooden planks.

The Maksymovych Scientific Library. One of the missiles launched by the Russians on Monday landed right next to it. Many of the library windows are still broken.

Kiev Institute of Philology, also called "Yellow Campus", because of the color of the building. This building was also damaged by Monday's attack, which among other things destroyed the offices of the department of Russian Philology. The Russians have "great marksmanship."

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