The Spanish socialist leader continues to exhibit his devotion to dictators

Sánchez declares himself the best ally in Europe of one of the main supporters of Hamas

The Spanish socialist leader maintains a hostile attitude and at the same time strengthens his ties with the greatest allies of the Hamas terrorists.

Pedro Sánchez's antidemocratic international and his friendly photos with dictators
The six Islamic leaders in this photo with Sánchez and the things their regimes do

Türkiye, a dictatorship with less press freedom than Sudan and Venezuela

This Thursday, in a meeting with the president of Turkey, the Islamist Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Sánchez has declared: "Spain is Turkey's best ally in Europe". Sánchez refers to himself as if he were Spain. And by doing so, he compromises Spain's external image by presenting it as the best ally of a Turkish regime that is a de facto dictatorship. Let us remember, without going any further, that in the World Press Freedom Classification 2024, Turkey is ranked 158, behind dictatorships such as Sudan and Venezuela.

Pedro Sánchez shakes hands with the Turkish dictator Erdogan in the friendly meeting held today between the two (Photo: La Moncloa).

Sánchez's affectionate treatment of Erdogan: “dear president”

In his speech in front of the Turkish dictator, Sánchez referred to Erdogan using the expression "dear president". It is not strange that the Spanish socialist leader has such displays of affection towards a dictator. As we already saw here, Sánchez feels devotion to the communist and Islamic dictatorships, while slanders Israel and calls the democratic right as "ultra-right", following the Stalinist manual to demonize political adversaries.

The Christianophobia of the Erdogan regime and its denial of the Armenian genocide

Regarding Turkey, we must remember that the Erdogan regime is on the list of the 50 countries that most persecute Christians, a hostility towards Christianity that is a common denominator of the Islam and socialism. Let us also remember that under the Sánchez government, Spain is one of the European countries that still does not recognize the Armenian genocide, a genocide that consisted of the murder of a million and among Armenian Christians by the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey. This genocide has been recognized by Parliament European and by 16 countries of the European Union, but the Erdogan regime has prohibited commemorating it.

Erdogan is a great supporter of Hamas and has praised that terrorist group

On the other hand, Turkey is the main international supporter of Hamas terrorists along with Qatar and Iran. Like those two Islamist dictatorships, the Erdogan regime did not condemn the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel and even praised Hamas, stating that "it is not an organization terrorist, but a liberation group." Erdogan repeated this statement a few weeks ago, at the same time that he announced that a thousand Hamas terrorists are being treated in Turkish hospitals. Thus, Sánchez presents himself as the best ally of a sponsor of the terrorist group that has perpetrated the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust. it seems that there is no infamy that the Spanish socialist leader is not willing to accept. commit.


Main photo: La Moncloa. Pedro Sánchez sitting next to the Turkish dictator Erdogan in the meeting held today between the two.

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