The Russian army has suffered a new disaster in its offensive in the north

The new failure that leads Putin to offer Ukraine unacceptable conditions

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is in the news today for having offered a ceasefire to Ukraine in exchange for certain conditions.

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Putin wants Ukraine to give up what Russia has not been able to conquer

This afternoon, the Russian state agency Tass indicated what these conditions are: "withdraw troops from Donbas and Novorossiya" and notify "the abandonment of plans to join NATO." Of course, it is no coincidence that this announcement was do one day after the start of the G7 summit in Italy. With this announcement, Putin intends to pressure the West to force Ukraine to give in to his demands.

What would it mean for Ukraine to give in to those demands? To understand it, it should be noted that the Kremlin uses the term "Novorossiya" (New Russia) to refer to all of eastern and southern Ukraine, including the entire coast of this country on the Black Sea. Thus, if Ukraine were to give in to these demands, it would have to withdraw from areas that are currently in Ukraine's power and that Russia has never been able to reach.

If Kiev gave in to Putin, Ukraine would be defenseless against a new invasion

If Kiev accepted these conditions, Ukraine would be defenseless against a new Russian offensive and Moscow could appropriate a large part of Ukrainian territory. On the other hand, it should be noted that Ukraine's legitimate aspiration to join NATO is precisely due to the Russian threat. Other countries bordering Russia (such as Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland) have not been invaded by the Russians thanks to the shield offered by the Atlantic Alliance. Moscow claims that Ukraine renounce a large part of its sovereign territory and, in addition, what remains of the country renounces that NATO shield, with which Russia could once again start another invasion to appropriate the central area , northern and western Ukraine.

Zelensky rejects Putin's plan and points out that he is doing the same as Hitler

This same afternoon, the president of Ukraine has rejected Putin's conditions, calling them an "ultimatum". Zelensky has accused Putin of reviving Nazism, pointing out that what the Russian dictator intends is the same thing that Hitler did: "This is the same thing that Hitler did when he said: 'Give me a part of Czechoslovakia, and that will be the end.' But no, this is a lie, a historical lie. After that it was Poland and then the occupation of all of Europe."

The new military failure that has led Putin to make that announcement

The Kremlin has a habit of announcing false peace proposals like the one known today whenever its plans go awry in Ukraine, and this is no exception. Yesterday NATO noted that Russia has suffered losses "astronomical" in the offensive that began in northern Ukraine in May, with an average of 1,000 Russian soldiers killed each day of this new operation. Ukrainian forces managed to repel the attack and Moscow has once again failed in its military plans in Ukraine. For this reason, once again, Putin wants the Ukrainians to hand him over through blackmail what Russian troops have shown themselves incapable of conquering by force.

To this we must add that right now Ukraine is already successfully attacking military targets in Russia, taking advantage of the authorizations granted by Western countries to use its weapons for that purpose, and soon expects to receive a large number of F-16 fighters, which would provide the Ukrainian ground forces with formidable air cover in their operations. If Russia has failed so far in Ukraine, with these new conditions things would be even worse for the Russians. That is why Putin made that announcement today.

Russia can end this war now by announcing its withdrawal from Ukraine

As I have already pointed out on other occasions, this war could end today if Russia announces the end of its aggression and the withdrawal of all its troops from Ukrainian territory, including the areas of Ukraine that Russia has been occupying since 2014 Furthermore, Moscow should make reparations for all the damage it has done in the invaded country and hand over the war criminals who have committed all kinds of atrocities against the Ukrainian people since the beginning of this invasion.

Russia started this war with its illegal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and Russia is solely responsible for this war continuing. What the Ukrainian people do, defend themselves against an invader, is legitimate and proper. those who love their Homeland, no matter how much pro-Russian propagandists, even some who claim to be "patriots", demonize Ukrainians for something that any patriot has a moral duty to do when their country is attacked: defend it.


Photo: Gavriil Grigorov/AFP.

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