The left welcomes an Islamist tyrant and demonizing a democratic politician

Javier Milei, Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani and the impudence of the Spanish left

Javier Milei's new visit to Spain has made the Spanish left hysterical. That is to say, even more hysterical than usual.

Pedro Sánchez's antidemocratic international and his friendly photos with dictators
Sanchez didn't congratulate Milei but congratulates Cyril Ramaphosa, antisemite and ally of Hamas

The left's demonization campaign against a democrat like Milei

Socialists and communists have put their agitation and propaganda apparatus to make a scandal, characterizing Milei as if he were the great enemy of humanity, something like a mix of Emperor Palpatine, Thanos and Sauron. The left's demonization of Milei is so childish that it is even funny, especially when they try to convince us that Argentina is mired in misery not as a result of decades of Peronist socialism, but because of a libertarian president who has only been in office for a few months.

Reality, as always, is more stubborn than propaganda. Milei is a democratic ruler who has become president of Argentina through free elections. No matter how much the left repeats the same lies over and over again, Milei is not a fascist or anything like that. In fact, what Milei does is the furthest thing from fascism: lightening the weight of the State and putting clear limits on the exercise of political power. In this sense, and in comparison, the one that does something much closer to fascism is Spanish socialism, imposing an increasingly disproportionate, sectarian and harmful state interventionism for our freedoms. At the end of the day, fascism is a nationalist form of socialism, no matter how much the left resents hearing this political and historical evidence.

The same left that does not protest against communist and Islamist dictatorships

This kinship between socialism and fascism is one of the possible explanations for the devotion of the Spanish left for all kinds of tyrants, whether socialists, communists or Islamists. The countries that always concentrate the hatred of the left are democratic countries like the United States, Israel or Poland. The protests that the Spanish left has made against Milei have never been directed against dictatorships such as Russia, Iran, communist China or Qatar, which makes it very clear how far the impudence of the Spanish left goes.

Sánchez's friendly meeting with an Islamist tyrant

Speaking of Qatar, this Friday Pedro Sánchez received Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani at La Moncloa. This guy isn't as well known as Milei, but he should be. As readers of Contando Estrelas will remember, I talked about him here a few weeks ago, Al Thani is the prime minister and foreign minister of Qatar, an absolute monarchy that is , in fact, an Islamist dictatorship. Perhaps that is why the left has not called a single protest against him and we have not seen any criticism of his visit among the media related to the coalition government of socialists and communists.

The links between that Islamist dictatorship and two media outlets related to the Sánchez government

Unlike Argentina, which is a democracy, in the Al Thani regime political parties are prohibited and there are no free elections. In fact, the reason that guy holds the position of prime minister is because he is a relative of the Emir of Qatar, Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani. The reason why some Spanish left-wing media criticize Milei but not Al Thani is because another relative of the emir of Qatar, Khalid Bin Thani Bin Abdullah Al Thani, is a major shareholder of Grupo PRISA, the group that owns two influential media outlets related to the Sánchez government, the newspaper El País and the radio station Cadena SER.

Human rights violations by the Qatari dictatorship

For the rest, I remember some details of the Al Thani regime in terms of rights and freedoms, details that the Spanish leftist media usually overlook:

  • Qatar appears on the list of the 50 countries that most persecute Christians, with number 40. This is surely one of the reasons for its good relationship with Sánchez.
  • In Qatar, women suffer all kinds of discrimination. There are no equal rights between men and women. For a woman to get married in that country, she must obtain permission from her father, which does not happen with men. Qatari law discriminates against women in matters of inheritance, child custody and even domestic violence: in Qatar it is legal for a husband to hit his wife. I wonder if Sánchez talked about any of this with Mr. Al Thani.
  • homosexuality is punishable by prison in Qatar: up to seven years in prisonfor having homosexual relations. It is curious that Sánchez receives Al Thani while the left decks itself with LGBT flags and no leftist issues even the slightest protest about that visit.
  • Finally, blasphemy and apostasy are punishable by death in Qatar, since Islamic law governs that country. That is, if you are Muslim and decide to change your religion, in Qatar you can end up executed. Has Sánchez spoken about any of this with Mr. Al Thani?

To complete the above, Qatar is the main foreign support of Hamas terrorists along with Iran and Turkey. So far, Qatar has not condemned the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel and even the blamed the attacked country. Thus, Sánchez meets with a tyrant who rules in a country where human rights are violated, who supports a bloodthirsty terrorist group like Hamas and who refuses to condemn the atrocities committed by those criminals, but for the left the problem is a democrat like Javier Milei.


Photo: La Moncloa. Pedro Sánchez smiling and shaking hands with Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, Prime Minister of Qatar, during his visit to Spain on June 21, 2024.

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