Some of the wounded were transferred to the hospital of Cruces (Crosses)

Far-leftists organize a party to tear down a cross and it falls on them

It happened yesterday in Larrabezúa, in the province of Vizcaya (Spain), whose city council had voted unanimously in favor of the demolition of a cross located in the mount Gaztelumendi.

A town ruled by the separatist far-left

This Biscayan city council is ruling with absolute majority by Euskal Herría Bildu, a separatist and far-left party that has refused to condemn ETA terrorism. This party has 6 of 11 councilors. The other ediles of the consistory are of the Basque Nationalist Party. The town council’s argument for overthrowing the monument is that it was Francoist, simply because it was erected during General Franco’s regime to pay homage to those who fought there during the Spanish Civil War, and it was in a bad condition (due to the absolute abandonment to which it submitted the own city council).

They had organized a party to celebrate the demolition of the cross

Last Friday the city council published a proclamation announcing the demolition for this Monday at 10:30 am. The municipal government organized the demolition as if it were a party, placing a Catalan separatist flag and a Basque flag next to the demolition zone. The audience attended with ikurriñas (basque flags) to the place and intoned the communist hymn “The International” before the beginning of the demolition. But instead of falling to one side, the cross fell forward, and to be undone during the fall, the stones reached a part of the public that contemplated the collapse, resulting in injuries to several people.

Part of the wounded, transferred to the Francoist hospital of Cruces (Crosses)

Paradoxes of life, as reported by Cadena SER, several of the wounded have been transferred to Cruces (CROSSES, in Spanish) Hospital, opened in 1955 by the Franco regime and located in the neighborhood of Cruces, a residential area built during the Franco regime The 1950s, in the Biscayan city of Baracaldo. I wish the wounded a speedy recovery.

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