As in the invasion of Crimea, Alex Jones is aligned with Russian interests

The Infowars’ Scandalous Fake News to Support the Separatist Coup in Catalonia

One of the most surprising media allies of the coup perpetrated by separatism in Catalonia (Spain) is an American and conservative medium, Infowars, directed by Alex Jones.

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Infowars often shows patriotism in relation to the United States. Jones, who has been a candidate for the Republican Party, is defined himself as libertarian and paleoconservative. His media has also been characterized by his outspoken opposition to the far-left, and has been one of Donald Trump’s strongest supporters in his race for the White House, receiving fervent praise from the Republican candidate. I will then go over some of the statements that the media is making about Catalonia, receiving many criticisms from its Spanish readers.

Infowars believes that Florida is a nation?

On July 4 Kit Daniels from Infowars compared to Catalonia with the United States in 1776, the year in which that country declared its independence. Daniels affirmed that “Catalonia has always had its own distinctive culture and language (Catalan) – and sovereign nations are defined by their homogenous identities. Infowars seems to be totally unaware of the reality of Catalan society. According to data from the Catalan government, Spanish is the language spoken by 50.7% of the Catalans, while Catalan is spoken by 36.3%. On the other hand, according to the idea of ​​nation that has Infowars, Switzerland (with four languages) is not a nation, nor the United Kingdom (where English, Scottish, Welsh, Cornish, Scottish Gaelic and Gaelic are spoken Irish), or France (in addition to French, for example, Breton and Provençal), and the United States, as it has a large minority of Spanish speakers. Given this, I would have to ask Infowars: are you going to ask Trump to grant independence to Florida, a state in which 34.6% of its inhabitants speak Spanish already? In the end, it is a very similar percentage of Catalan speakers in Catalonia…

Alex Jones lies about the situation in Catalonia

On 20 September Infowars claimed that in Spain there was a “tyranny” for the arrest of several separatist leaders. The news was sent as sole source to a spokesman of the Catalan government. The news did not indicate that those detentions were produced by a judicial order, having incurred these separatist leaders in possible crimes of prevarication, disobedience and embezzlement of public funds. From Barcelona Alex Jones affirmed that Spain is in “1984”, referring to Orwell’s novel, stating that the country has fallen into totalitarianism. He affirmed that “people are being fined for criticizing the police” and that “there is no freedom of speech”, which is a very great lie. In fact, the separatists have continued to manifest freely, even assaulting Catalans loyal to the Constitution.

He compares Spain with Cuba while supporting the same separatist coup supported by Spanish Communists

That same day, at the height of infamy, Jones even compared Spain to China and Cuba, saying that he predicted that European nations would fall into “technocratic communism.” What did not say Alex Jones is that the autonomous government of Catalonia is one of the most invasive of privacy in Spain, imposing Catalan as the only language in education (in Catalonia the most spoken language is Spanish), imposing a nationalist indoctrination children in schools and fine traders who label their stores in Spanish. In addition, Catalonia is the most hyperregulated community in Spain: the autonomous parliament is the one that has issued the most laws of the country in all the years that we have democracy. It is amazing that someone who calls himself “libertarian” stands for this. Jones also did not say that the far-left Spanish parties (Podemos and the communists of Izquierda Unida) are supporting this separatist coup, in which communist groups such as the Candidatura d’Unitat Popular (CUP) also participate, with the support of the Basque far-leftist Bildu. All of them are parties that have supported the socialist dictatorships of Cuba and Venezuela. That is, Infowars believes that Spain is like Cuba, and says it while supporting the subversive strategy of Spanish admirers of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez. Can you be more clumsy?

Infowars hides information to claim that the coup is a ‘peaceful revolution’

On September 27 David Knight stated in Infowars a news entitled “Catalonia: if peaceful revolution is impossible violent revolution is inevitable.” Knight’s analysis was as follows: Catalonia is part of a worldwide movement of power devolving not just from globalization, but from centralization. The Spanish government is threatening force to stop a peaceful election. Ironically, the Trump administration ignores the forces at play that put President Trump in office and supports the power politics of suppression of a peaceful revolution. But these forces can be delayed, not stopped.” Infowars affirmed this a week after far-left separatists attacked and destroyed three Civil Guard vehicles, when police officers served a court order. Of course, Infowars did not give notice of that attack: anything that could tarnish the image of Catalan separatism is concealed by that media. The point is that these violent separatists, as I mentioned above, do not belong to libertarian or conservative groups that are inspired by the American Revolution. The violent separatists in Catalonia are far-leftist groups, in favor of establishing not a libertarian republic, but a socialist republic. And paradoxically they have the help of Infowars, a theoretically anti-socialist media …

For Infowars only the separatists are ‘people of Catalonia’

On September 28 Infowars published another news item with this title: “Will Cataluña secede from authoritarian Spain?” The news said: “The people of Catalonia are making their voices heard and declaring that they want the freedom of Spain.” Reading this gives the impression that all the Catalans are separatists, and that in that region nobody is left to defend a unitary Spain. It is fake news again. In the autonomic elections of Catalonia of 2015, the separatist parties got 47% of the votes. They do not represent all Catalonia, nor even reach half of the votes of all Catalans. It happens that the fake news of Infowars coincides with the separatist propaganda, which seeks to extend the idea that the separatists are “the people of Catalonia”, as if the Catalans who disagree with them were strangers in their own land. The reality is that thousands of Catalans have demonstrated against separatism with flags of Catalonia and Spain, but Infowars has not given notice of any of these demonstrations, perhaps so that its readers do not doubt the false story that this media is publishing on the Catalan reality.

Cites as source to the Russian agency RIA Novosti to talk about Catalonia

Today at last, Infowars has removed the mask and has revealed from where it comes his interest in destabilizing an allied Nation of the United States, as is Spain. Today Infowars news about Catalonia quotes as a source RIA Novosti, the official news agency of Russia, founded in 1941, during the dictatorship of Stalin, and today publishes its information through the Sputnik News portal, a media that also has been supporting Catalan separatism.

Infowars aligns with Kremlin propagandists again

It is not a question of being a bad thought. Two years ago Infowars denied the existence of a Russian invasion in Ukraine, despite the evidence that showed soldiers with uniforms and Russian armament in Crimea. Infowars has continued to support Putin’s strategy in Ukraine. Along the same line of connection with Russia is Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, two other international spokesmen of the Catalan separatist cause. It is a coincidence that last year the Russian daily Izvestia announced that an independent Catalonia would support the Crimea as part of Russia, a statement made by separatist leader José Enrique Folch of the far-left Solidaritat Catalana per la Independència, the predecessor of the CUP. Many media spread the news, which gave wings to Russian influence in the Catalan separatist coup, in the hope that an independent Catalonia would be an ally of Russia in Western Europe. Russia rejected the Catalan separatist referendum for being “illegal” on September 28, but the Russian media and those who reproduce its slogans – among them Infowars – have continued to openly support the cause of the separatists.

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