When he asked for 'dialogue', what the coupist wanted to say was impunity

Puigdemont Consummates His Separatist Coup, a Crime That Can Not Go Unpunished

This afternoon Carles Puigdemont, president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, has declared his decision “that Catalonia become an independent state in the form of a Republic”.

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A declaration of independence based on an attack on democracy

This decision is taken after having convened a referendum declared illegal by the Constitutional Court, because the Catalan government has no powers to convene a referendum on independence, as indicated by the Constitution – supported massively in referendum and gained massive support in Catalonia-, national sovereignty resides in the Spanish people, not in its parts. To this must be added that it has been a referendum without any democratic guarantee, in which a single individual has been able to vote several times, such that in 71 Catalan municipalities there were more votes in favor than people registered. An absolute electoral fraud that represents an intolerable attack on democracy. Precisely for this reason, and as the separatists should have foreseen, no democratic country has recognized that fraudulent voting.

What separatism wants is to leave in suspense democratic legality in a part of Spain

Puigdemont has violated the Spanish Constitution and national sovereignty, from which emanate all the powers of the State, including that which he exercises. The order of the Constitutional Court prohibiting the separatist referendum has been skipped, thereby committing a serious crime of disobedience. In addition, in support of his challenge to the rule of law, Puigdemont has incited separatist groups to harass the Spanish Police and the Civil Guard in order to violently prevent them from complying with judicial orders against this illegal referendum. This has been directly incurred in a crime of sedition, punished with up to 15 years in prison. No democratic country can allow a mob instigated by politicians to suspend legality, harassing and assaulting law enforcement officials.

With coupists there is nothing to negotiate

Puigdemont has tainted today his declaration of independence saying that it deferred it a week to open a process of “dialogue”. It is a really absurd announcement, since in a democracy dialogue is only possible from the respect to the norms of coexistence, which force us all. Violating the Constitution, Spanish laws and judicial decisions, in an attitude of open defiance of the rule of law, it was Puigdemont himself who closed the door to dialogue, burning up coexistence in Catalonia and causing a massive flight of companies. Before these crimes, a state can not stand idly by. Before a coup, no democracy can bring to debate the validity of law and judicial sentences. What the State has to do now is not to dialogue with the coupists, but to prevent them from kidnapping Catalan institutions and continue to use them to try to break the unity of Spain. And in this duty we should count on the loyal support of the opposition, because what is in danger is something earlier and more fundamental than our democracy: our Nation is in danger, and in this situation of danger try to block the action of the State, or that it circumvents its duty to enforce the Constitution, would only qualify as a treaso againts Spain.

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