A French Legionnaire Delights Travelers from a Train Station with a Piano Piece

The Foreign Legion is the most famous elite unit of the French Army. His soldiers in France have the same fame as their Spanish counterparts: rude and fierce men in combat.

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But being a soldier prepared for the hardest of military art is compatible with the talent for other disciplines more pleasant. An example of this is the video that is circulating on social media, which shows two legionaries patrolling a SNCF station, the French state railways, within the framework of the anti-terrorist system in force in the Central European country. One of them sits at a piano and plays a piece of music. You can see the reaction of the audience to finish.

Of course, his partner did not lower his guard at any time, and the improvised pianist did not get off his FAMAS assault rifle while playing the piano. It must be said that these musical pauses are not exclusive to the French Foreign Legion. Last month, this other video circulated showing a British Police was played on the piano at St. Pancras Station in London:

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