Progressive magazine denies that there are altruistic men and calls them 'louts'

Feminist Supremacism Is Here: Women Are Declared 'Higher Beings' than Males

A while ago I saw on Facebook the typical screenshot of a headline so crazy that you doubt its veracity. The headline was this: "It's Confirmed: Women are Higher Beings".

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The progressive magazine Vice denies there are altruistic men

After so many hoaxes, I did what I have to do: check if the title was real. And what will not be my surprise when I found that it was. It was published by the progressive magazine Vice on October 20. The article, signed by the feminist Katherine Gillespie in the Spanish edition (in the English edition is signed by "Vice Staff"), takes sides with the hatred of men already in their first paragraph: "You know how women are generous goddesses who would do anything for their friends, family members, or strangers on the street? And how men are simply… not like that? New research from the University of Zurich appears to gives a reason for this: men's brains reward selfish behaviour, whereas women's brains reward generosity."

The first sentence that I have put in bold is so childish that it provokes laughter. Gillespie has a totally unreal vision of men and women, to the point of denying that there may be acts of generosity or heroism among the male sex. But reality says the opposite. History is full of cases of men who struggled to help others, even heroes who came to the point of sacrificing their own lives to save those of others. So fanatical is Katherine Gillespie to deny that truth?

Do sexual differences have a variable origin according to what suits progressivism?

On the other hand, it is curious to see these reflections in a media of the progressive environment, which has driven the gender ideology: an anti-scientific theory that denies the biological origin of the differences between the two sexes, and that has even come to deny even the existence of only two sexes. This denial has reached purely totalitarian extremes, such as the recent media lynching and dismissal of a US engineer from Google for affirming the biological origin of these differences, or the persecution launched in Spain against a campaign that limited itself to affirming the biological differences between both sexes. However, when progressives see arguments to present men as inferior beings, they do not hesitate to join biology. Is not it a contradiction?

Curiously, the study in question states that "the brains of women and men also process generosity differently at the pharmacological level". According to Vice's news, "scientists then performed a second experiment in which they neutralised the stratium using medication that inhibits dopamine release. They found in this instance that women suddenly began to behave much more selfishly, and men became more generous." Despite this, Vice's news says that "all this might have a cultural basis rather than a biological one." What they mean is that our brains work differently for mere cultural learning? Anyway…

Neither superior nor inferior: we are different and complementary

This study of the University of Zurich does nothing more than confirm what dictates the experience of centuries: the woman has a more social behavior and the man a more competitive behavior. This is what leads, for example, to more women in jobs that involve more sociability -such as education and health -, and that there is less female presence at the top of large companies, a place where that is reached through a hard competition. What this study shows, like so many others, is that men and women are different and in some way complementary, not superior or inferior to each other. But far from recognizing this complementary character, instead of assuming that men and women have respective advantages based on our biology, Gillespie insists on his misandric vision of the world: "In other words, women get rewarded for kindness, men get rewarded for being dicks. Just like in real life!" Does it seem normal to have so much hatred for men?

What would happen if a holder declared 'Males are Higher Beings'?

Imagine for a moment what would have happened if a media with as much diffusion as Vice misrepresented a study that indicated, for example, that men have more average size, stature and physical strength than women, putting in the headline something like: "It's Confirmed: Males are Higher Beings". How long would it have taken the feminist lobby to claim fines and call protests against that media? Well, this is done the other way around and instead of having protests, other media, like the Argentine digital Infobae or the Mexican Excelsior, reproduce the news as if it were a genius. And there are still people who get angry when I say that third-wave feminism - unlike original feminism - does not seek equal rights, but reshape society on the basis of hatred for men. I refer to the facts.

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