This is how the lightnings are seen in slow motion in a spectacular video about storms

The American photographer Dustin Farrell published last sunday on his Vimeo channel that deserves to be considered one of the most impressive storms video of all time.

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The video was recorded in 4K format, that is, with a format of 4,000 pixels of horizontal resolution (to give you an idea, the resolution of horizontal screen of a laptop with 15.6-inch monitor is usually 1,360 pixels). The video combines scenes of storms in fast and slow motion camera, the latter to show us the lightning in its development.

How could he record the lightning in such a spectacular way? Well, recording them at a speed of 1,000 frames per second (in comparison, normal HD videos are at 50 or 60 frames per second), accumulating no less than 10TB of recordings. The recordings he made for 30 days on a trip in which he traveled 20,000 miles. Most of the rays were recorded in his native land: Arizona (USA).

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