"Sabotage is fun and easy," an anarchist group said on November 30

Derailment in United States: Anarchist groups sabotaged tracks in that region weeks ago

A high-speed train suffered a derailment yesterday near Tacoma (Washington, USA), an incident in which six people have died so far.

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A diary points to the possible presence of objects on the tracks

At the moment the causes of the derailment are unknown. The New York Post said yesterday that it could be due to the presence of objects on the tracks. There is the circumstance that the accident happened in a new section recently opened, and whose layout was designed precisely to avoid trains passing through very sharp curves.

An anarchist website deletes an entry on a sabotage to railroads

In relation to this derailment, several media have pointed out the coincidence with the published in several anarchist websites. Gateway Pundit reports that an anarchist website, "It's Going On", deleted a post on railway sabotage published in April. The original link returns an "Error 404", indicative that the searched item no longer exists, but in the Archive.is website a copy of the deleted article is kept. In it an anarchist group claimed a sabotage done on April 20 in Olympia (Washington), 30 miles from Tacoma by road. The saboteurs poured concrete into the tracks to prevent the passage of a train of the railway company BNSF "to disrupt the movement of trains carrying proppants used in natural gas fracturing". In light of what happened yesterday, the warning made by the anarchists in that publication is disturbing: "We blocked the train tracks because we want to blockade the entire web of domination that is slowly killing us."

In November there were sabotages to railroads in California and Oregon

Another anarchist website, Puget Sound Anarchists, published a statement on November 27 reporting the sabotage to rail lines in Oakland (California), also on the US west coast (you can see the copy here on Archive.is, in case they delete it). Three days later, Puget Sound Anarchists issued another statement reporting the sabotage to another rail line in Medford (Oregon), also located on the west coast, south of Washington (in case they delete it, you can see the copy of Archive.is here). This anarchist group noted, in addition: "Railways are easily accessible and everywhere. Sabotage is fun and easy."

The most recent sabotage was this month in Washington

The most recent of these sabotages was committed at the beginning of this month and was claimed on December 5 through a statement published on the anarchist website "It's Going On." This time it was reported the sabotage of railway lines in the Columbia River area, in the state of Washington: "We stopped the flow of coal, oil, lumber and chemicals. Extracting and producing these is murdering the Earth. This action was taken in solidarity with indigenous defenders," the statement said, adding: "Trains were stopped by attaching cables to the tracks at various points. Trains were stopped for at least several hours and maybe more. Carrying out the action took less than an hour, about $40 materials, and little-no risk of being arrested" (if it is deleted, you can see a copy of that publication in Archive.is).

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