Eurielle: 'Lúthien's Lament', an excellent song for the most beautiful tale by Tolkien

I have been collecting music related to the work of my favorite writer for many years, and I am rarely impressed by a song. Today I can say that I have found one that has moved me.

Looking for music about Tolkien's work on Spotify I found the work of a British singer-songwriter I did not know: Eurielle (above, in the photo). Her music is reminiscent of Enya's and, like the Irish singer, she has several themes related to Tolkien's stories. The subject that leads me to write this post was published last August and is entitled "Lúthien's Lament". In this song, Eurielle gives voice to the most beautiful Elvish maidens that Middle Earth knew: Lúthien Tinúviel, daughter of King Thingol and Melian the maia, whose story appears in "The Silmarillion" and to which is dedicated a book that will be published in a few months, edited by the now elderly (is 93 years old) third son of the famous British writer, Christopher Tolkien, collecting texts written by his father.

But let's return to the song: Lúthien appears before the Halls of Mandos, the most inflexible of the Valar, in charge of doing justice to the dead and the only one, besides Eru, who knows the destiny that he reserves for men. The elven princess goes to Mandos to beg for Beren, the man she was in love with-literally-even beyond the barriers of death. Tolkien told that only she, who also managed to charm someone as perverse as Morgoth, was able to move Mandos. When writing and putting voice to this song, Eurielle assumed an enormous challenge: how to approach even the charm of the words of Lúthien? But the truth is that listening her one imagines well that moment and the reason why Mandos felt sorry to hear that maid. You can listen to the song in this video that has published the Youtube channel of Eurielle:

If you liked it, you can buy the song on Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.

I put here the lyrics in English:

Oh great Mandos,
High among Valar
I come to you in sorrow
And with a broken heart.

Long has been my journey
That led me to these halls,
But now I kneel before thee
As grief my spirit calls.

I seek a man named Beren.
Whom I bid await me here.
I pledged that I would find him
Before he leaves this sphere.

This man of whom I speak
He gave his life for me,
But thence my soul grew weak,
And at last it too broke free.

So borne upon an urgent breeze,
I travelled to this place,
Where only one thing could appease
The torment I now face.

Oh tell me I am not too late
To see my love once more,
For that would be too cruel a fate,
I beg him be restored.

That we may take a little time
To bid our last farewell,
And remember all we shared erstwhile
Such joy no one could quell.

For never was a greater love
Than that within our hearts.
Once born, forever binding us,
E'en though through death we part.

Once born, forever binding us,
E'en though through death we part!


Photo: Kadrina Duffey -

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