An American M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank in Kuwait… wearing a motto 100% Trump

Yesterday I was watching a video on the Okrajoe Youtube channel when I saw a curious detail in a M1 Abrams main battle tank of the United States Army.

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The video shows armored vehicles being shipped on the USAV SP4 ship James A. Loux (LSV-6) of the US Army (in addition to those owned by the US Navy, the US Army has a fleet of some 300 vessels, from landing craft to logistic vessels passing by tugboats). The shipment of material took place on January 12 in the port of Shuabia, in Kuwait, in order to send it to the United Arab Emirates for the bilateral exercise Iron Union.

At minute 8:26 the loading operation of a M1 Abrams battle car is seen. It would not have anything special, if it were not for the motto that his cannon looks: “America is great again”.

A slogan very similar to the one used by Donald Trump in his campaign for the 2016 presidential election: “Make America great again”. I dare to say that the crew of this tank should not be a fan of Hillary Clinton …

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