Lucía Etxebarría says that men "do not usually take care of their children"

A Woman Is Arrested for the Death of a Child and a Feminist Writer Blames the Men

Today, Spain has been shocked by the discovery of the corpse of the boy Gabriel Cruz, 8 years old and disappeared 12 days ago in Níjar (Almería). His father's girlfriend has been arrested for it.

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Arrested when she was carrying the child's body in the trunk of the car

The woman was the main suspect in the crime since she found a white undershirt with traces of the child's DNA near a water treatment plant. The garment was completely dry despite the heavy rains of recent days, which made suspect the Civil Guard agents who were looking for the child. The woman was arrested while driving a car in whose trunk was the child's body. According to the latest information, the Civil Guard has photographed and videotaped her since she took the corpse from a well to her arrest.

Lucía Etxebarría blames men: "they do not usually take care of their children"

Despite the aforementioned facts, this afternoon the feminist writer Lucía Etxebarría has rushed to blame the father of the child for having allowed "that she was the one to dress him":

The writer has received hundreds of criticisms on Twitter for this comment, but even so she has insisted on her thesis. In a new commentary written shortly after five in the afternoon, Etxebarría has charged directly against "the men" saying that "they do not usually take care of their children":

Last year a feminist group did the same in Argentina

What comments such as those published by this writer show is that left-wing feminism has nothing to do with original feminism, which was a just and necessary movement that demanded equality before the law and equal opportunities for women. On the contrary, left-wing feminism has become an ideology based on hatred of man, and is capable of blaming men for all evils even when a woman is arrested for the alleged murder of a child. It is not the first time that such atrocious manipulation has been given, by the way: last year a feminist was arrested in Argentina for shooting a girl, and a feminist group blamed the "macho system" for the crime.

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