Police statement does not distinguish between threats and legitimate criticism

British Police Threaten Those Who Support Alfie Evans on the Web: They Are 'Monitoring' Them

The case of the child condemned to die of hunger by the British Justice, which prevents him from traveling to Rome to be treated there, is demonstrating the deterioration of democracy in the UK.

Alfie Evans Case: Progressivism Turned the United Kingdom into a Death Row for Children
Charlie Gard, victim of an ideology that seeks to replace parents with politicians

The Merseyside Police warns: "these messages are being monitored"

The Merseyside County Police released a statement on their Facebook page yesterday threatening the netizens who give their support to little Alfie:

We've issued the following statement following reports of social media posts being made in relation to Alder Hey Hospital and the ongoing situation with Alfie Evans:
Chief Inspector Chris Gibson said: "Merseyside Police has been made aware of a number of social media posts which have been made with reference to Alder Hey Hospital and the ongoing situation involving Alfie Evans.
"I would like to make people aware that these posts are being monitored and remind social media users that any offences including malicious communications and threatening behaviour will be investigated and where necessary will be acted upon."

The British Police do not distinguish between criticism and threats

From the USA, The Dailywire has denounced that in the United Kingdom "not only can the government strip your parental rights away and hold your children hostage while they starve them to death, but it can also threaten you with messages should you attempt to speak out on such injustices." In the article, Paul Bois comments: "What is creepy about the statement is that the police do not define "malicious communications" or "threatening behavior." Rather than just give something concrete like "calls for violence will not be tolerated," they issue a blanket statement where anything from calling the bureaucrats that want Alfie Evans to die a bunch of fascists to calling for a jihad against the hospital could be seen as "malicious communications."" Bois denounces the inability of the British Police to distinguish freedom of expression from threats, and accuses the British government of starving the child.

Do they devote more energy to watching Internet users than to prosecute pedophiles?

The overzealousness of the British Police in monitoring the networks in relation to the case of Alfie Evans contrasts with his apathy when it comes to monitoring crimes committed precisely against minors. In 2014 it was discovered that 1,400 girls were sexually abused for 16 years in Rotherham, in the north of England, without the authorities doing anything, for fear of being branded as racist, since the aggressors were Muslim immigrants. The latest investigations have raised the number of victims to more than 1,500. It is not even an isolated fact of that city: similar cases were discovered in Oxford in 2013 and in Rochdale in 2016, also with bands of Muslim rapists. The most recent case, known last month, revealed that in Telford gangs of Pakistanis raped, prostituted and sold a thousand girls without the police doing anything, not to be branded as racist. As in the case of little Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans, the progressive mentality is having dramatic effects among British children, either as part of policies in favor of euthanasia or the silence imposed by political correctness. It would be appreciated if the British police dedicate to protect children the efforts they devote to monitor Internet users.

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