A child condemned to die and prevented from leaving UK to be treated in Italy

Alfie Evans Case: Progressivism Has Turned the United Kingdom into a Death Row for Children

Last year I informed you about the case of Charlie Gard, an English baby who was denied the opportunity to try a treatment that could have cured him. He died on July 28.

Charlie Gard, victim of an ideology that seeks to replace parents with politicians
A feminist denies the right to live of the unborn because "he can not write poems"

Charlie was not allowed to leave the United Kingdom to be treated in the USA

The case of the little Charlie already revealed the perverse legal system that exists in the United Kingdom and also in Europe: a judge ordered to let the baby die, against the will of his parents, and prevented the family from taking the child to the USA to try a experimental treatment. It is chilling that this happens in a democratic country. One could expect a purely totalitarian situation like that - judges ordering the death of a child, ignoring the parents and forbidding the sick person from leaving the country - in countries like North Korea, China, Cuba or Venezuela, but that happened in a Europe that boasts of democratic values and defense of human rights. And I say Europe because the European Court of Human Rights dismissed the appeal of Charlie's family. And that Court says to protect "human rights"?

History repeats itself: now it's the little Alfie Evans's turn

Well: now history repeats itself. Another British baby with a rare disease, Alfie Evans - you can follow his story on Actuall.com - is in the same situation that was the little Charlie: a child with a rare disease, with his parents ready to save everything - What father would not do it for his son? - and a judge who forces the hospital to let the child die and does not allow him to leave the country to try other treatments in Italy or Germany. The judge has not changed his mind nor the Pope's support for the family, nor the concession of the child of Italian nationality by the Italian Parliament. In fact, a British Conservative MP, Sir Edward Leigh, has warned: "A UK hospital is holding an Italian citizen hostage and intends to deprive him of life-giving treatment against the wishes of his parents," claiming the Foreign Office to act to allow the country's child to greet and take him to the Bambino Gesu Pediatric Hospital in Rome, linked to the Vatican and that has already offered to pay for his transfer and treatment.

A child is denied a legal principle that applies to defendants of crimes

The case of Alfie Evans, like that of Charlie Gard, is incomprehensible and outrageous. With his decision, the judge is denying a baby a legal principle that does not even deny those accused of serious crimes: the "In dubio pro reo", according to which in case of doubt the magistrate has to favor the accused. The situation is particularly grotesque if we consider that, after a decade without being applied, the United Kingdom abolished the death penalty for criminals of its Criminal Code in 1998, because like many other countries, it considered that punishment was particularly cruel for those accused of crimes as serious as murder. This grave injustice is not accidental: the dominant ideology in the United Kingdom, which is progressivism (although the ruling party says conservative, in practice it has assumed many of the progressive ideological postulates), and progressivism has become one of the biggest battering rams of what St. John Paul II defined as the "culture of death", a culture that is being primed especially with the most innocent and defenseless: from children in prenatal age to children already born and who have rare diseases, as is the case with Charlie and Alfie.

If they continue in this way it will not be possible to find cures for rare diseases

For the sake of that authentic obsession with progressivism to generate corpses (through abortion, euthanasia and assisted suicide, which are among the favorite ideological fronts of the Left), in 20 years the United Kingdom has gone from being a country without suffering death for criminals, to apply it to innocent children, becoming in fact a infantile death row, of which sick children like the son of the Gard and the Evans can not even go out to seek possible treatment for their disease in another country. We should be grateful that Europe has not always been so cruel to the sick, because if this had always been done, it would have been impossible to find a cure for many previously incurable diseases. That word, "incurable," did not discourage many doctors who strove to investigate those diseases and to improve the lives of their patients. However, now, in a Europe with governments that strive to control every facet of our lives "for our own good", it turns out that condemning sick children to death is something that many see as normal. It is really scary.

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