Border War 10: A Video About the Biggest Military Simulation Game Held in Europe

Some 500 airsoft fans from 31 countries gathered in April in the Czech Republic at Border War 10, the largest military simulation game currently held in Europe.

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This event, sponsored by the Ministry of Defense and the Army of the Czech Republic, began its journey in 2008 and celebrated its tenth edition this year. The game takes place in Ralsko, a small town in the north of the Czech Republic, in the Liberec region, in a former maneuvers area of the Czech Army. It is a flat and very wooded environment. The game brings together expert players and also beginners in this sport practice that consists of simulating military combat with replicas of real weapons that shoot small plastic balls of a diameter of 6 or 8 mm. The game consists of developing a combat in a fictional country called Minacua. The "bad guys" of the game are drug cartels and guerrillas of the so-called Movement for the Independence of Tihuaca, a province of that fictitious country that would be controlled by the lords of the drug. You can see here a good video as a summary of this year's event, published by the Slovak Youtube channel Military Group:

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