Spain has a majority of female ministers: what will feminists say if it goes wrong?

If the Socialists Leave Spain Bankrupt Again, Will Feminists Blame Men?

Progressive feminism has become an ideology that values people by their sex instead of their merits, and we have an example of this in the new Spanish socialist government.

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Pedro Sánchez does not know what parity means

The cabinet appointed by Pedro Sánchez has 17 ministers: 11 are women and 6 are men. The new president of the Government said the day before yesterday that this cabinet is the reflection of a “parity society”. If with this expression he referred to the sex of the ministers, Sánchez surely said that without having read the meaning of that word in the Spanish dictionary: “Said of a commission or of an assembly: That the diverse parts that form it have equality in the number and rights of its members.” A government with more women than men can not be parity.

What matters is not the merits of its ministers, but the posing

As far as I’m concerned, that a governing body is not sexually equal is something I do not give a damn about. What I expect from such an government is that there are competent and capable people, and I do not care if they are men or women. If there are more members of one sex or the other, nothing matters while those people are there on their merits. The fact is that Sánchez has never referred to the merits of his ministers, which is not surprising either, taking into account, for example, that the new sports minister said he hates sport, or that the new vice president is a lady who, in 2004, being Minister of Culture, demonstrated an ignorance that caused shame. What Sanchez was looking for with a majority of female ministers is posing, and he has succeeded, all must be said: even the foreign media are giving him headlines that speak of a “feminist government”.

Progressive feminism degenerates into a feminist supremacism

On Wednesday, Madrid’s communist mayor, Manuela Carmena, praised Sánchez and spoke of the “need to feminize politics.” It’s not the first time I’ve read this about feminizing politics. And it is that the left is progressively going from asking for equality to “feminizing” the public affairs. And what the hell does that mean? A year ago, feminists Laura Roth and Kate Shea Baird signed an article in a far-leftist media in which they stated: “Feminization in this third sense aims to break with the masculine logic that tends to reward styles that are not so widespread or they are not as popular among women, as competition, generalization, urgency, hierarchy, homogeneity, etc. On the contrary, it seeks to highlight the importance of the small, the relational, the equality, the common, the cooperation, the diversity, breaking with the artificial division between the private and the public.” As we see, the authors identified the masculine with everything that they consider worthy of rejection, presenting as specific women’s values ​​certain positive values, as if the mere fact of being a woman made you more egalitarian, respectful of diversity and attentive to the cooperation. Thus, progressive feminism has gone from talking about equality to defending a feminist supremacism, according to which men are the cause of the evils of the world by our very nature.

If the PSOE leaves Spain bankrupt again, will it blame the “male logic”?

Thus, Spain has a very frank minority government, which also adds to the absurd feminist thesis that political errors do not originate in bad management, but in the penis (once devoid of its ornaments, the idea basic that leftist feminists handle is that). On the other hand, we have an ideology, socialism, which has twice led Spain to bankruptcy. Its current leader in Spain, Sánchez, is a faithful disciple of the person responsible for the last bankruptcy: José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. If the Socialist Party (PSOE) imposes its theses and increases public spending and fiscal pressure, Spain will return to the path of recession, a path that had managed to barely abandon the government of Rajoy. But this time the person responsible for the mess will be, yes, a government with a majority of women. The Ministries of Finance, Labor, Industry, Economy, Consumption and even the “Ecological Transition” (the name already shows the stupid occurrences of Sánchez) are in the hands of women. If today feminists blame all the evils on the “male logic”, tomorrow they will have to eat their theories raw and recognize that women can be as incompetent, clumsy and foolish as men.

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