Bayona: the fauna of Monterreal Castle

Lately I have taken some photos of one of the less known aspects of the formidable Monterreal Castle, in Bayona (Galicia, Spain): its fauna, which includes the now common seagulls, sparrows, crows and magpies, and a small colony of sheep and goats, as well as several rabbits.

The chicks go to sleep
Bayona: Guarding the Walls

One of the most visited points of the walls of this great fortress is the area of the Prince's Tower, because from there you can see magnificent sunsets over the sea. This tower, always closed to the public, is taken by the seagulls, as you can see in the photo that heads these lines. From there they can control their breeding area, of which I spoke to you last year and which is located just in front of that part of the wall, at the northern end of the peninsula where the castle is located.

Of course, the gulls are not the only ones that frequent the battlements of the castle. On these lines you can see a common sparrow in its particular watchtower.

And here is a common wood pigeon in the western wall of the castle. It was looking at the sea, but as soon as I focused it with my camera, it began to look at me. I sure wanted to get pretty in the photo.

Here you have two black rabbits. It seems they are doing a signal exchange with their ears. The rabbits are already veteran inhabitants of the castle, although some of them had the bad luck to fall into the clutches of a fox that slipped into the fortress a long time ago ... Today, these rabbits are in a fenced area inside the castle.

In that room you can also see sheeps. Here appears one with her lamb.

In this photo you can see a sheep very shy (did not leave the tree at all the time) and a crow that should be thinking about whether to take a bath.

There are also goats and goatlings in this indoor enclosure. Some eating ...

... and others resting in the shade.

The staff of the Parador is responsible for the feeding of the sheep and goats. Sparrows and seagulls are more daring and usually pass by the terrace of the Parador's coffee shop. But the most daring is a swallow who usually sneaks into the coffee shop to give a feast with what humans drop from the tables.

You can see the complete set of photos in my Flickr account (click here).

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