The Spanish MEPs of PSOE, Podemos and IU, with the Castro dictatorship

Socialists and communists vote against a condemnation of political persecution in Cuba

Today in the European Parliament, socialists and communists have voted together against the protection of liberties and human rights in the Cuban communist dictatorship. Scandalous.

Spanish socialists want to punish the defense of nazism and fascism, but not communism
Spanish communists imitate the Taliban: they intend to tear down the World’s largest cross

An strong condemnation against the persecution of the democrats in Cuba

In the text of the resolution voted today (can be read here), the European Parliament "strongly condemns the arbitrary detention, persecution and harassment of, and attacks against, peaceful dissidents, independent journalists, human rights defenders and political opposition in Cuba; calls for an immediate end to these actions and the immediate release of all political prisoners, including Eduardo Cardet, and those arbitrarily detained solely for exercising their freedom of expression and assembly".

The resolution also urges the EU Member States, the European External Action Service and their delegation in Cuba "firmly respect their basic principles and policies in relation to Cuba and to take all necessary action to seek the release of the aforementioned individuals, to ensure that the harassment of political opponents and human rights defenders ends immediately, and to assist and protect the latter." Likewise, calls "on the Cuban authorities to improve prison conditions and the treatment of prisoners, and to allow international human rights groups and independent Cuban organisations access to the country’s prisons", and "underlines that imprisoning Cuban dissidents for their ideals and their peaceful political activity is contrary to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights."

The Spanish MEPs of PSOE, Podemos and IU voted against

As reported by the European Parliament, this resolution, promoted by popular, conservative and liberal MEPs, was approved with 325 votes in favor, 240 against and 44 abstentions. The Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) and the communists of Podemos and Izquierda Unida (IU) have voted against the resolution. In the case of the Communists, their decision is not at all unpredictable. Recall that these far-left parties have already voted against several motions against the Chavez repression in Venezuela. The curious thing is the case of the PSOE, a party that calls itself "social-democratic" but then refuses to condemn the political persecution of the democrats in a communist dictatorship, a single-party regime that does not respect human rights.

The PSOE already opposed in 2006 to condemn the crimes of communist dictatorships

This alignment of the socialists with the communists is not new. On January 25, 2006 the Council of Europe approved "an international condemnation of crimes of totalitarian communist regimes", and then the PSOE Socialists voted against, joint with communists. On April 2, 2009, the European Parliament adopted a resolution "on European conscience and totalitarianism" which stated: "Europe will not be united unless it is able to form a common view of its history, recognises Nazism, Stalinism and fascist and Communist regimes as a common legacy." The PSOE and other socialist parties wanted to approve an alternative motion that eliminated almost all reference to communism, even going so far as to affirm that "Nazism and Stalinism were essentially different". Already in Spain, the PSOE is preparing a new "Law of historical memory" that will punish the apology of fascism and Nazism, but not that of communism, even though this is also a totalitarian and undemocratic ideology and has provoked more than 100 millions of deaths.

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