They propose a law that discriminates against Catholics over other religions

Spanish Communists Imitate the Taliban: They Intend to Tear Down the World's Largest Cross

The return of the socialists to power in Spain has emboldened the most radical far-left, who seems to want to resurrect the persecution against the Catholics that it unleashed in 1936.

Spanish socialists want to punish the defense of nazism and fascism, but not communism
The more than 100 million deaths that communism caused, divided by countries

They want to discriminate against Catholics with respect to other religions

This Friday, the communists of Izquierda Unida (IU, United Left) announced their own historical memory bill (can be downloaded here in PDF, in Spanish). This text includes a fourth additional provision to repeal the Agreements between Spain and the Holy See of 1979, which serve to protect the rights of Catholics - who are a large majority of Spaniards - in areas such as education, freedom of religion, legal protection of their temples and religious assistance to members of the Armed Forces. Interestingly, the IU proposal omits any reference to the agreements signed with the evangelical churches, with the Jewish communities and with the Islamic Commission, so that if the IU bill comes to pass, the members of those religious minorities they would be covered legally by agreements with the Spanish State, but the Catholic majority would not, so that the evangelical temples, the synagogues and the mosques would be inviolable by the State, but the Catholic churches would be left helpless.

They attack the human and constitutional rights of believers

This IU proposal is a direct and rude discrimination against Catholics, coming, in addition, from a totalitarian formation that has been attacking for years the constitutional rights of all believers, such as religious freedom and the right of parents to have their children receive religious and moral education that is in accordance with their own convictions. Two years ago, IU wanted to impose in Seville various prohibitions against believers, as the veto to the attendance of representatives of religious denominations to municipal acts ant forbidding the mayor and councilors to attend religious events, including the traditional Holy Week in that city Andalusian. In 2015 IU asked to prohibit the subject of religion and religious symbols in all schools, a direct attack against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, whose article 18 protects the right to religious freedom, which includes "freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance."

They deny all recognition to victims of leftist war crimes

The plans of the communists to impose their ideological sectarianism on Spaniards go so far as to despise victims of war crimes. The bill of IU denies any recognition to the tens of thousands of people murdered by the leftist side in the Spanish Civil War, people who were victims of war crimes and even crimes of genocide, if we take into account that many of those victims were murdered by reason of their faith and, in many cases, at the hands of criminals who were members of the Communist Party of Spain (PCE), nowadays integrated into Izquierda Unida. An example of this was the massacre of Paracuellos de Jarama, organized by the communist leader Santiago Carrillo, in which 50 children were even killed simply because they were Catholics or because their parents had ideas opposed to those of the Popular Front, coalition of which the PCE was a part. Put another way: while appealing to the "memory", IU seeks to hide the crimes perpetrated by communists in that war and condemn the victims to oblivion. A repulsive gesture of ideological sectarianism that should deserve the rejection of all democrats.

They want to turn a Catholic basilica into a center of leftist negationism

In Article 53 of the bill that was filed the day before yesterday, IU proposes to confiscate to the Catholic Church the property of the Basilica of the Valley of the Fallen, created during the Franco regime to bury the fallen in both sides of the Civil War. The communists want to turn that Catholic basilica into a center of propaganda for the leftist version of the Civil War, a version that in the case of IU, and as we can see, incurs the most disgusting denial of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the leftist side in that contest. The text also includes the demolition of the cross that crowns the monument, which is the world's largest cross. What IU anti-Catholics claim is dangerously reminiscent of what the Taliban did in Afghanistan and the ISIS members in Iraq and Syria, destroying historical monuments simply because they were not to their liking. The IU proposal has a clear intention to provoke the Catholics, humiliating them with the destruction of the symbol of their faith. A claim that can only be framed in the intolerance and hatred that this communist formation has been directing against Catholics since its very appearance and, previously, using the brand of the Communist Party of Spain (PCE), today integrated into IU.

Alberto Garzón, signer of the bill of IU that asks to demolish the cross of the Valley of the Fallen, the past month of October in an act of the PCE to celebrate the centenary of the first communist dictatorship. The image of the first dictator, Lenin, presided over the meeting.

Izquierda Unida: a party as undemocratic as the fascists

Just as the communists did not "liberate" Poland and other countries occupied by the Nazis, but they took away the Nazis to establish communist dictatorships instead, some should seriously reflect on whether IU intends to invoke the Franco regime to cover communist crimes and hide their victims. Keep in mind that to date, Izquierda Unida has not directed a single sentence against the crimes of communist dictatorships. Without going any further, last year IU protested against a European summit that reminded the victims of Nazism and communism, condemning the summit and calling it "historical error", as if, for example, the Poles massacred by the Soviets in Katyn had less dignity than the Poles massacred by the Nazis in Wola. What is demonstrated by statements like that is that IU is a party as totalitarian and undemocratic as the fascists.

We must remember, in fact, that IU has been supporting communist dictatorships for years. Alberto Garzón, a deputy from IU who signs that bill, was photographed last year with a portrait of Lenin - a dictator and mass murderer who killed many more people than Franco - in a tribute to the centenary of the first Communist dictatorship established by that criminal. IU has even tried to transfer to the democratic countries the communist mechanisms of repression of the dissidence, asking that the European Union persecute the anti-communists, that is, those who oppose a totalitarian and undemocratic ideology that has caused more than 100 million deaths. It is intolerable that the enemies of democracy are using our institutions to attack human rights and freedoms, as IU does. The Spanish Constitution clearly points out the duties of political parties in its Article 6: "Their creation and the exercise of their activities are free in so far as they respect the Constitution and the law. Their internal structure and their functioning must be democratic." If IU does not respect the Constitution, democratic principles or human rights, why is it still legal?

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