The watch brand shows the best of men in a touching video

Egard Watches’ formidable response to Gillette’s commercial against men

The American brand of accessories for shaving has caused a great controversy this week with an ad in which denigrates men from a feminist perspective.

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Gillette’s feminist sermon

In its commercial, Gillette shows men as bullying at school and sexual harassers (it even shows screenshots of news related to the allegations of sexual harassment launched by the feminist movement Me Too). It also presents them as braggarts and arrogant, and encourages them to change. The commercial has angered many customers of that brand, generating twice as many negative votes as positive ones on YouTube (829,000 negative versus 418,000 positive at the time of writing these lines). You can see the commercial here:

Men can have many flaws (like women), but it is a bad idea that a brand pretends to sermonize people about their sex. Can you imagine what would happen if a make-up brand presented negative topics about women, calling them hysterical or gossiping, urging them to amend? Many clients would be angry, and rightly so. In the case of Gillette, the anger of its customers has resulted in calls for boycott on social media. It is, without a doubt, one of the most awkward publicity campaigns that I remember in years, and it shows the increasing satiety in front of the radicalism of a great part of the feminist movement.

The response of a watch brand to Gillette

Via @alonso_dm I see that a watch brand, Egard Watches, answered the day before yesterday to Gillette’s denigrating commercial by releasing a video that shows those facets of men that radical feminism almost never addresses:

Egard’s commercial is titled “What is a man? A response to Gillette”, and shows firefighters putting out a fire, noting that men account for 93% of workplace deaths, according to official US data. It also shows the military, stating: “a man, a hero”, noting that men are 97% of casualties in wars, according to the US Department of Defense. It also shows parents taking care of their children, noting that men account for 79% of homicide victims, according to UN data. It also dares with politically incorrect data (because they show the most intolerant face of feminism), noting that almost half of parents without any right to visit continue to support their children financially. Next, it shows men working in a mine and in an oil prospecting, while noting that the male sex accounts for 80% of suicides according to the WHO. Next come images of the homeless, with a new datum: 75% of homeless single people are men. The announcement ends with this slogan: “We see the good in men”. At the moment, Egard’s video carries 9,800 positive votes and only 146 negative ones on YouTube.

My thanks to Egard for this formidable video, which dignifies and sees the good of the men, what radical feminism and its political and media spokesmen are bent on hiding.

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