She published a racist message against women who voted for a pro-life politician

A leftist woman with Islamic veil accuses the ‘white women’ of defending the ‘patriarchy’

Some people will see the title of this post as a joke, but it is not. The affinity between the political left and Islam is giving rise to surrealist statements.

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Defender of Sharia, she asked to make a ‘jihad’ against Donald Trump

Linda Sarsour is a well-known leftist activist, of American nationality and of Palestinian origin. She was one of the promoters of the Women’s March, the first major demonstration against Trump organized by the left in Washington DC in January 2017. Sarsour is Muslim, she always wears the Islamic veil and is an advocate of sharia, the Islamic law that many Muslim-majority countries impose above civil laws, drastically restricting religious freedom and other human rights. In July 2017, Sarsous called the “jihad” against Trump, and did so in the midst of a wave of jihadist attacks in several countries. In addition, Sarsour has been repeatedly accused of anti-Semitism, not only because of support for boycott campaigns for the State of Israel, but also for her insistence on calling out as “Zionists” those who criticize her.

She proclaims herself a feminist but trivializes the situation of women in Saudi Arabia

Paradoxically, Sarsour defines herself as a feminist and is an advocate of abortion. Five years ago, she had no qualms about saying: “You can’t be a feminist and an Islamophobe,” a word that the left uses to criminalize any criticism of Islam. One could ask her how she can boast of feminism while trivializing the situation of women in Saudi Arabia, getting to write things like this: “mandated head covering for Muslim women in Saudi Arabia is the LEAST of their worries. Stop making it THE ISSUE. It’s not.” Is this feminism? In 2016 it was also asked: “can someone explain to me how you can be a feminist and pro-life?” On the contrary, she might has asked herself: how can you say that you defend women’s rights while denying all unborn girls their right to live?

Her racist comment against white women in Georgia for voting for a pro-life politician

Sarsour’s contradictions do not end there. Although she claims to be against racism, she published a racist message attacking the “white women” this Tuesday, due to the fact that 76% of them decided to vote in Georgia to the Republican candidate Brian Kemp, a pro-life politician, while that Sarsour is sympathetic to the Democratic Party. In addition, the Islamic leader accused white women of “uphold the patriarchy,” a curious statement coming from a woman wearing an Islamic veil and who downplays discrimination against women in Saudi Arabia. The most curious thing is that Sarsour calls herself an advocate for women’s rights but does not accept that most women choose to vote for a candidate she does not like. Definitely, with leaders like Linda Sarsour, the American left is making Donald Trump’s campaign for reelection easier and easier.

Photo: K.K. Ottesen / The Washington Post

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