The Vincent Lambert's case demonstrates once again the cruelty of euthanasia

Leaving someone 9 days without water or food is not a ‘dignified death’: it’s a murder

Yesterday the French citizen Vincent Lambert died of hunger and thirst, after 9 days of forced fasting. Vincent was quadriplegic because of a traffic accident he suffered in 2008.

Now the “crime” that is punishable by death is dependency

Vincent’s parents and brothers were opposed to his death, but a few days ago the Court of Cassation of France ordered the withdrawal of life support, which meant a death sentence in practice. It is also a sentence that opens the door in fact to euthanasia in a country where this practice is illegal. Once again, a judicial body of a European country has been considered entitled to take the life of a person, despite the fact that in France the death penalty was banned in 1981. Now there is no crime to be committed so that A person is subject to the death penalty in that country: it suffices that he suffers a physical deterioration that makes him dependent on others, regardless of his age.

In the UK, the same has been done with babies

Recall that last year a British court sentenced to death the baby Alfie Evans, and in 2017 the same procedure served to condemn baby Charlie Gard to death, in both cases against the will of his parents, who did everything possible to save the lives of your children. In this new case, Vincent’s parents have described that death sentence as a “disguised murder”. And they do not lack reason. The apologists of euthanasia have been promoting the use of euphemisms for many years to disguise this horrible practice, but what is shown again in Vincent’s case is that killing a patient in a 9-day agony of hunger and thirst is not the “dignified death” of which the progressives speak: it is a vile crime.

The devaluation of life and the retreat of palliative care

The aforementioned cases of British babies, what happened yesterday with Vincent in France and also the cases of Eluana Englaro and Terri Schiavo (in Italy and the United States, respectively) show an alarming drift in the Western world. In certain democratic countries a perverse concept coined by national-socialism is being imposed: that there are certain lives that do not deserve to be lived. The Third Reich maintained that concept appealing to economic excuses, trying to convince the Germans that certain patients were very expensive to maintain: “Black, mentally ill (English) 16 years in an institution costing RM 35,000”, a Nazi propaganda film said in favor of euthanasia, which also showed patients of an asylum under this slogan: “life is only a burden”. Now the propaganda in favor of euthanasia consists in convincing patients that their life has no meaning and that the cruel thing is to live it. The result will be a devaluation of life and a setback in palliative care, as has been happening in the Netherlands since euthanasia was decriminalized decades ago.

The West is undermining its legal dyke against totalitarianism

After the World War II, when Hitler’s crimes were revealed in all their scope, there was an attempt to protect human rights based on a iusnaturalist juridical concept based on “the dignity and worth of the human person”, as indicated by the Preamble to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. At present, and before the thrust of socialist ideology (also called “progressivism”) and its iuspositivist and relativist conception of Law, the legal dyke that the free world built against totalitarianism is being undermined. Now there are again lives that are a “burden”, lives that do not deserve to be lived and judges that condemn patients to death because they consider their lives meaningless: even children and against the will of their parents. It is no longer enough for something as cruel as getting rid of them in their prenatal age: now they also want to kill them with hunger and thirst once they are born if they do not meet certain standards. We are wrong if we think that we are vaccinated against the appearance of new totalitarian outbreaks: they are already emerging in the West in the shadow of an ideology that considers that certain people are disposable and should not live. A cruel and perverse ideology, no matter how much the politicians and the media focus on whitewashing it.

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