Most media silence the political and satanic sympathies of Connor Betts

Why do they hide that the Dayton killer was a leftist and supported the Democratic Party?

This weekend there were two shootings with fatalities in the USA: on Saturday there was one in El Paso (Texas) and on Sunday another in Dayton (Ohio). The media treatment has been very different.

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The killer of El Paso was a hispanophobic supremacist

Yesterday the BBC communicated what is known about the El Paso murderer: his name is Patrick Crusius and he is a white supremacist. This scoundrel, who has murdered 20 people, published a manifesto against the “Hispanic invaders”, perhaps forgetting that Texas was Spanish territory, first, and Mexican, later, long before being part of the United States. As the murderer confessed after being arrested, his intention was to “kill as many Mexicans” as possible.

Democratic Party politicians point to Trump for those crimes

As the digital newspaper El Español commented yesterday, several candidates of the Democratic Party have pointed to Trump and his “supremacist rhetoric”, an expression that this media puts as an appointment, but in the text of the news does not indicate that no candidate has used those words. What former Democratic Congressman Beto O’Rourke has said is that Trump is a “racist”, something that Democrats often say against the current president for the mere fact of opposing illegal immigration, which Obama also did, who deported more Mexican than Trump. The also aspiring Democratic president, Pete Buttigieg, also said the following: “White nationalism is malefic and is inspiring people to commit murders.” Would the same ideological extrapolation do if a murderer were leftist and a supporter of the Democratic Party?

The only thing that many media say about the Dayton killer: he was of “white race”

This Sunday the BBC also published what is known about Dayton’s killer, Connor Betts, who has killed 9 people, including his own sister, before being quickly killed by the police. In this case, the British channel does not point out the political ideology of the murderer. The Spanish progressive newspaper El País states that the murderer was a “white male” and adds: “Six of the dead were black, the remaining three white. The first line of investigation indicates that the attacker was interested in killing people from manuscripts found in his home.” The newspaper also notes that “in principle the police have no evidence to indicate racial or political motivation as a trigger for their action.” In the same vein, the Spanish channel Antena 3 says of the murderer that he was of “white race” (in many crimes committed by people of other races, this channel does not usually indicate that data in such a specific way), without indicating his ideology. The American progressive channel Univision points out that the murderer was “a white man” and adds: “Six of the nine people killed were African-American.” But it does not indicate that the other three murdered were white, thus implying that the murderer could be a supremacist.

Betts was a socialist, satanic and supporter of the Democratic Party

I searched the web for some means that pointed out something else about the Dayton killer. Newsweek states the following in the tenth paragraph of his news: “Public records indicate that Betts was registered to vote, listing his party affiliation as Democrat. I have only found a media that has thoroughly investigated that issue. Yesterday the digital newspaper investigated the account @iamthespookster, suspended shortly thereafter by Twitter. In it the killer of Dayton was publishing photos of him that allowed to be identified as his owner. In his account, Connor Betts declared “leftist”, published satanic messages (in one of his photos he appears with a jacket with a satanic emblem and with the motto “Against all gods”), supported the socialism and showed his sympathy with the Democratic Party, specifically by Senator Elizabeth Warren, who yesterday lashed out at “domestic right-wing terrorism”, to which several users replied that one of the murderers of this weekend was sympathetic to the Democratic senator. Betts also lashed out at President Trump. The Washington Times is one of the few media that has echoed’s investigation into the political sympathies of the Dayton assassin. has also published another article showing the messages of the El Paso assassin supporting Trump.

Why are the sympathies of one murderer diffused and those of the other hidden?

If the political militancy of the Dayton murderer is already so well known that Twitter has decided to suspend his account, why the vast majority of the media hide Betts sympathies? The media treatment of these crimes is still striking: if a murderer sympathizes with Trump, he is given maximum diffusion, but if he sympathizes with the Democratic Party, then the data is hidden. Are they hiding that diffusion to try to also burden Trump with the murders of Dayton? Since before winning the 2016 presidential elections, the campaign of the vast majority of the media against the then Republican candidate was of great hardness and abounded in manipulations. That campaign has continued since Trump arrived at the White House. Hiding information about crimes and giving it in a biased way to burden Trump with the atrocities of a Democratic Party supporter is already the height of manipulation.

My memory and my prayers for all the victims of the El Paso and Dayton massacres. Terrorism always deserves all the rejection, whatever the ideology of the terrorist.

Heading this post, two photos of Connor Betts, the killer of Dayton. In the photo on the left you can see a satanic symbol on his jacket and the motto ‘Agains all gods’.

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