The passage of the smallest planet in the solar system between the Sun and Earth

Mercury Transit: beautiful images that we will not see from Earth until 2032

This Monday the Mercury Transit was happened, a phenomenon that occurs when the Sun, that planet and the Earth align, allowing us to see that small black circle passing over the solar disk.

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The last Transit of Mercury took place on May 9, 2016, only three years ago, but the next time it happens will be on November 13, 2032. Maybe many of us will not see it anymore ... You can see here the image that it captured yesterday the Solar Dynamics Observatory, a space telescope launched by NASA in 2010 in order to study the Sun. The images are beautiful and fascinating, and at the same time terrible: the proximity of Mercury to the Sun causes a temperature to reach its surface from 350ºC per day (water at sea level boils at 100ºC) and at night it drops to -170ºC.

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