Infamous images of Guadalajara International Book Fair, Mexico

In the style of nazis and communists: feminists burn books shouting “males out”

There is no totalitarian movement that has not directed its hatred and barbarism against books, often burning them. The justification was always that the burned books were incorrect.

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We all know the famous image of burning books at the hands of national-socialists in Germany. It happened at the Bebelplatz in Berlin, before the immense facade of Friedrich-Wilhelms University on May 10, 1933.

Less known is the fact that the communists also burned books. This photo was also taken in Berlin, specifically in its eastern area, under Soviet rule, on June 1, 1955, International Children’s Day. In the picture we see the communists burning what they called “dirty literature and garbage” at the 18th Primary School in Berlin-Pankow (source: Allgemeiner Deutscher Nachrichtendienst / Wikimedia).

Last Saturday, December 7, it happened again, this time in Mexico and at the hands of far-left feminists, who after touring the Guadalajara International Book Fair, proceeded to burn books shouting “males out”:

And after seeing this, there will still be someone who tries to convince us that this gender feminism created by the far-left is only “equality”, and that therefore its ideological dictates must be imposed on schools. Rather, this movement of the far-left has less and less to do with the ends of original feminism – which was fighting for equal rights and opportunities for women, something very necessary – and has more and more characteristics of a totalitarian movement that He directs his hatred against half humanity for the mere fact of being born with male sex. These fans do not represent, by any means, all women, who in their vast majority are more sensible than that handful of totalitarians.

Main photo: El Universal.

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