The Polish ambassador launched a message of support with a "Long live Spain!"

Poland sends a truck with aid to Spain to fight against the COVID-19 epidemic

The Government of the Republic of Poland has responded to Spain's request for help to its NATO allies, sending a truck with disinfectant gel to our country.

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20,000 bottles of disinfecting gel have left Warsaw this morning

The truck, with a load of 20,000 bottles of Trisept Complex disinfectant gel, manufactured by the state-owned company Polfa Tarchomin in Warsaw, left this factory this morning. The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has published a statement in which it says: "In recent weeks, Spain has been particularly tragically affected by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. We receive information from many countries about many coronavirus victims, including deaths, with sadness and deep regret. The efforts of the authorities, as well as the determination and commitment of the Spanish medical services to save the life and health of citizens deserve great recognition and support from the partners."

"Poland and Spain are united by many years of tradition and cordial relations"

The statement also says: "Poland and Spain are united by many years of tradition and cordial relationships. Both countries are allies in the EU and NATO. We are confident that after the end of the pandemic, bilateral political dialogue with Spain will be even more intense and economic, cultural and scientific cooperation will become more dynamic. We believe that the contacts between our societies will be frequent and mutually enriching." The Polish Government has described this aid as "a gesture of friendship and solidarity". The donation was personally communicated by the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marcin Przydacz, to the Spanish Ambassador to Poland, Francisco Javier Sanabria, in an act in which the Secretary of State of the Polish Ministry of Finance, Maciej Małecki, and Arkadiusz Ziarko, member of the board of the Polfa Tarchomin company, were also present.

The Polish ambassador launches a message of support with a "Long live Spain!"

This afternoon, the Polish ambassador to Spain, Marzenna Adamczyk, has published a video communicating this donation to Spain. "Solidarity is what we need most now in times of crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic," she says in a message that ends with these words: "Long live Poland! Long live Spain! Long live solidarity!"

Likewise, the state-owned company Polfa Tarchomin has published a video of the truck loaded with disinfectant gel bottles leaving its factory in Warsaw for Spain this afternoon:

Poland has fewer infected and dead than Galicia right now

Today, Poland is one of the countries in Europe least affected by this epidemic: it has 7,771 confirmed infections and 292 deaths. To give us an idea, Galicia, one of the least affected Spanish regions, has 7,873 infected and 310 dead, with the exception that it has 2.7 million inhabitants, while Poland has 37.97 million. This difference in the incidence of the epidemic can be attributed, to a large extent, to the rapid response of the Polish Government to the coronavirus.

The Polish Government has also sent aid to Italy and San Marino

Spain is not the only country to which Poland has offered its help. Last week the Polish government sent another shipment of disinfecting gel to Italy and San Marino, two other countries that have been hit hard by this epidemic. And this as the Polish executive tries to secure protection for its own citizens. From Spain, heartfelt thanks to our friends from Poland!


Niech żyje Polska!

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