Ridiculous aid of the socialist Ábalos to the Spanish transporters in Dover

The very different help of Spain and Poland to their truckers trapped in the United Kingdom

This Christmas Eve, thousands of Spanish and non-Spanish carriers were still trapped in Dover, in the United Kingdom, due to border closures.

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Ábalos’ ridiculous help to trapped truckers

I have been reviewing the reaction of the different governments in this regard and the very different response of Spain and Poland to this question has caught my attention. On December 23, at 10:00 pm, the Ministry of Transport of Spain, led by the socialist José Luis Ábalos, published only three tweets on this subject, stating that they were continuing with the negotiations with the Embassy of Spain in London “so that Spanish carriers have the necessary information and facilitate their return to Spain”, adding:

“We have informed the transport representatives (CNTC) about the protocol published by the Government of #UK on the #COVID19 tests for drivers of heavy vehicles using the port of Dover or Eurotunnel and a consular emergency telephone number has been provided.”.

The Ministry also noted: “The importance of lifting all the restrictions established in the next few days to facilitate unhindered return has been conveyed to France. It has been confirmed with the DGT that there are no restrictions in Spain.” In addition, the Ministry of Transport published a statement that same day in which the two major measures announced were the following:

“An Order has been approved to make driving and rest times more flexible for our professionals who carry out transport services between the United Kingdom and Spain.
The normal weekly rest in the cabin is allowed and the normal weekly rest begins after the 6 periods of 24 hours to reach your destination.”

In other words, the star measures are reduced to not being fined. On December 24, the Ministry and the rest of the Government did not announce any other measure, while many Spanish carriers were still trapped in Dover. This is a ridiculous reaction to the plight of these carriers, short of provisions. This also occurs only ten days after Salvamento Marítimo, dependent on the Ministry of Transport, went to look for illegal immigrants 170 kilometers from the Canary Islands.

Poland sends medical and military personnel to rescue its truckers

While the socialist-communist Government of Spain limited to saying that it informs the truckers and that it is not going to fine them for sleeping too long in their cabins, according to DoRzeczy the Government of Poland, of the Prawo i Sprawiedliwość party (Polish partner of the Spanish party Vox) has dispatched several dozen doctors, diagnosticians, nurses and paramedics to the UK, who have been relieved by 60 military doctors on Friday. Poland has named this rescue Operation Zumbach, in memory of aviator Jan Zumbach, a Polish pilot who fought with fellow countrymen in RAF 303 Squadron during the Battle of Britain.

“Poland does not abandon its citizens in need,” said Michał Dworczyk, head of the Prime Minister’s Office. In addition, today Mariusz Błaszczak, Polish Minister of Defense, has shown images of the soldiers of the Polish Territorial Defense Forces who have been deployed to the United Kingdom to bring food and drink to their compatriots. They will also help expedite PCR testing so that they can return home as soon as possible. Last night the British Defense Minister, James Heappey, thanked Poland for sending these soldiers: “Thank you so much to all of them for working over Christmas to get freight moving.”

As a Spaniard, I can only say that I am very envious of the Poles. We have a government that has adopted pasotism and incompetence as tactics before any problem.

Photos: Efe / Ministry of Defense of Poland / Embassy of Poland in the United Kingdom.

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