It contains images showing simulated prisoners in Russian uniforms

JW Agat: a video of the rangers of the Polish Army that will not like anything in Russia

As you could read here seven years ago, the Polish Army has five special operations groups, with their own branch within the Armed Forces.

Śpij Kolego: this is the funeral bugle call with which the Polish Army bids farewell its fallen
A beautiful tradition of remembering two fallen US Army soldiers in a Polish cemetery

One of the most recent special forces in Poland is the Jednostka Wojskowa Agat (Special Unit Agat), named after a special unit of the Armia Krajowa (Home Army, the main Polish resistance organization in World War II) called “Anty-Gestapo” (abbreviated as AGAT), since its members were specialized in liquidating the members of the German secret police. Today, the JW Agat is modeled after the 75th Ranger Regiment of the United States Army, serving as a support and also as a quarry for the other Polish special forces.

A few days ago, the JW Agat published a fast-paced video on its official YouTube channel, titled “Siła i Ogień” (Force and Fire). The video shows various trainings of that unit, from parachuting and helicopter exercises to combat training in close quarters. The fact is that one of the sequences shows the JW Agat operators carrying two simulated prisoners who wear uniforms with Russian Flora EMR camouflage. It is seen at minute 0:40 of the video:

Poland and Russia have a historical enmity, which has been compounded by the falsehoods that Russian President Vladimir Putin has been throwing about Polish history. Surely the Kremlin will not like the video at all, which the Poles do not think they care too much about (it feels much worse that the Russians invade your country several times in the last century).

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