There are countries that persecute Christians, execute gays and stone women

Nonsense at the UN: so are some countries that will watch that the Taliban are good

The establishment of a new Islamist dictatorship in Afghanistan has had a very candid response from the United Nations.

The situation facing the Christian minority in Afghanistan with the Taliban
Five effects that the disaster in Afghanistan may have for Western countries

UN says it will monitor the Taliban to keep their promises

This Tuesday, the UN published a story on its website with this headline: "Afghanistan: UN agencies urge Taliban to make good on promises to protect vulnerable." In the text of the news item, the international body announces that it "will closely follow the fulfillment of the promises made by the Taliban to respect human rights, especially that of women and girls." That is, the promises made by Islamist terrorists who are murdering people all over their country, and who have just taken power through violence to displace a democratically elected government.

Four dictatorships are part of its Human Rights Council

It should be staggering for the UN to make such a statement to refer to a band of fanatics like the Taliban, but unfortunately it is nothing new or surprising anymore. Just look at the current list of member countries of the UN Human Rights Council. Among them are dictatorships such as China, Cuba, Sudan and Venezuela. How are those countries going to demand respect for democracy in Afghanistan, if they do not practice it within their own borders?

In 15 of the member countries, Christians are subjected to persecution

In addition, among the members of this council are the following countries that are part of the 50 that most persecute Christians: Somalia (3rd), Libya (4th), Pakistan (5th), Eritrea (6th), India (10th), Sudan (13th), China (17th), Mauritania (20th), Uzbekistan (21st), Bangladesh (31st), Burkina Faso (32nd), Nepal (34th), Mexico (37th), Cameroon (42nd) and Indonesia (47th). In the five that I have indicated in bold, the level of persecution against Christians is extreme. How are these countries going to ensure respect for the religious minorities in Afghanistan - and specifically the country's Christian minority - when Christians are persecuted within their borders, in many cases at the initiative of their governments?

Three member countries punish homosexuality with death

On the other hand, in three of these countries homosexuality is punishable by the death penalty: Mauritania, Somalia and Sudan. How are fanatics who consider it legitimate to kill someone because of their sexual orientation to examine the Taliban's compliance with human rights?

In three others, adultery is punished by stoning

Finally, in three of these countries adultery is still punishable by stoning: Indonesia, Somalia and Mauritania. It is a punishment in which the suspicion of marital infidelity is usually enough to be convicted, and most of those who suffer this brutal punishment are women, even if they have reported being victims of rape. In which head is it possible that those countries are going to control the treatment that Taliban fanatics give to women in Afghanistan?

A problem that comes from far and that reduces the credibility of that Council

One of the great failures of democratic countries in promoting respect for human rights in the world is explained in the serious error of allowing countries that do not respect the most elementary rights to sit in the aforementioned UN Council, and they assume the authority to watch over those human rights that they themselves trample on in their territories. It is a complete absurdity. With such members in that Council, we will soon see the Taliban regime as part of it.

This problem is not new. Let us remember that in December 2019, 19 members of that Council were part of the list of countries that persecute Christians, which explains the absurd situation that in the activity of that Council there is a total absence of convictions against Saudi Arabia, China, Cuba, Vietnam, Venezuela and Zimbabwe, and a marginal number of convictions to Iran, Eritrea, Sudan or Libya, while that organism is cruel to the State of Israel, which is a democratic country. Likewise, in February 2020 seven members of the Council punished homosexuality with the death penalty. Those same countries condemned Israel, where homosexuals enjoy freedom. How can we expect such a Council to protect the human rights of Afghans?

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