It denounces that the Russians use civilians, including children, as human shields

Ukraine accuses Russia of resorting to a dirty tactic already used by the nazis in Poland

The Russian invasion of the Ukraine is registering some events that seem to be taken from the most sinister chapters of the history books.

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This afternoon, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has denounced that Russia "increasingly uses civilian hostages as human shields. Occupiers protect their columns of equipment with abducted residents of captured Ukrainian towns and villages. According to Ukrainian ombudsman, russians don't mind hiding even behind children."

The website "Chronicles of Terror 39-45" of the Institute of National Remembrance of Poland indicates that, according to interviews with eyewitnesses, the Germans used this technique of using the civilian population as human shields to protect their tanks in the Mokotów district, during the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, during World War II. The Polish TV series "Czas honoru" (2008-2013) recreated those human shields in the following scene:

Is this how Vladimir Putin was going to "denazify" Ukraine, copying the dirtiest tactics of the nazis? I hope that when this invasion is over, trials will be held in which these facts are verified and their authors are judged. It is intolerable that this is happening in a European country in 2022 and that the guilty go unpunished.


Image: frame of the series "Czas honoru".

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