New failure of the left in its attempt to instill fear against Vox conservative party

34 LGTB associations mobilize against the 'far right' and only 18 protesters attend

The leftist LGTB lobby groups are one of the groups most pampered by many political parties, but their real representativeness is very doubtful.

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This Thursday, a far-left digital newspaper published a news about a rally called by 34 LGTB associations in Andalusia (Spain), in order to warn about the unstoppable rise of what they call "far right", in an allusion to the conservative party Vox, the only one in the Spanish parliamentary arch that dares to discuss the dogmas of gender ideology.

The concentration was held in a very central place in the city of Seville, the Plaza de la Encarnación, and had the support of the powerful socialist union UGT, which receives millions in subsidies from the socialist government of Pedro Sánchez. But at the moment of truth, only 18 protesters attended that call made by 34 LGTB groups. It was not even one person for each convening organization. I have counted them in this video of the act:

It must be said that the Europa Press agency published a close-up photo of the concentration, so that the demonstrators seemed more. Unlike what it does with other demonstrations, that agency omitted in its news the number of attendees who attended the concentration.

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