The veteran Luftwaffe pilot turned 100 on January 6

Hugo Broch, the last German ace of the World War II who is still alive

So many years after that war, the survivors of that horror and those who fought in it are fewer and fewer and very old.

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A while ago I saw this video by Mark Felton, published this Friday, in which he talks about Hugo Broch, the last German ace of World War II who is still alive. He was born on January 6, 1922, so he is already 100 years old. During the war, he fought on the Eastern Front, scoring 81 victories against Soviet aircraft (one more victory than Manfred von Richthofen, the "Red Baron"):

As a curiosity, I found this other video published a few years ago by History Hit in which it shows the flight that Broch made in a British Spitfire fighter at 95 years of age:

Apparently, Broch is the only German ace who has had the opportunity to fly in this emblematic British fighter. Today, of the aces of that war that are still alive, he is the one with the highest number of victories. Hopefully episodes like that flight in a Spitfire will serve to remember those who died, close old wounds and that this terrible historical event will never be repeated.

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