Abandoned today, they are connected by a large network of galleries

An impressive tour of Gibraltar's massive underground military depots

Due to its strategic position, the British colony of Gibraltar is an important base for the Royal Navy, and that means supplying its ships with fuel.

The interior of two well-preserved Third Reich batteries on a British island
The Iwo Jima Japanese military tunnels and why there are so many bottles there

Since the Rock of Gibraltar does not have enough space on the surface, the Royal Navy decided to build huge underground fuel tanks to cover that need. An enormous work, which is part of the 55 kilometers of tunnels that exist in the Rock, and which include everything from old coastal artillery batteries to underground barracks, passing through reservoirs to collect rainwater and ammunition depots. In some cases, natural caves were used for these excavations.

This Saturday, the always interesting Youtube channel of Aventuras Entresierras (I insist on recommending that you subscribe to it) published a video exploring some abandoned underground fuel tanks in Gibraltar, and the network of tunnels that were used to carry fuel to ships of the Royal Navy. It is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive videos published by this channel, due to the length of the underground galleries, which form a real labyrinth in which one can find some beautiful surprises (like the one seen in the video below, from minute 15:00). The video is in Spanish, but you can activate the automatic subtitles in English in the bottom bar of the player:

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