Alicia Rubio, of the Spanish party Vox, was reported by a group of far-left stalkers

Twitter blocks the account of a deputy for a message in which she criticized abortion

New case of censorship on Twitter, and once again based on a fraudulent complaint by a group of extreme left stalkers.

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This afternoon, Twitter has blocked the account of Alicia Rubio, deputy of the Vox party in the Madrid Regional Assembly (Spain), for a comment in which she limited herself to defining what an abortion is, in response to another user's comment: "We talk about killing to another. Specifically a son". Completely ignoring the context of the conversation, Twitter has falsely labeled that message as "harassment." Here you can see the capture of the Twitter notice that Alicia Rubio has sent to Counting Stars.

As has happened on other occasions, this fraudulent report has been the work of a group of far-left stalkers close to Podemos, a Spanish extreme left party. That group uses Telegram to communicate its attacks against the freedom of speech of Twitter users who do not share their opinion. This very afternoon they have boasted of having achieved this new act of censorship. A new case of bullying and intolerant attitude on the part of the totalitarian left.

That group of stalkers has been fraudulently reporting accounts for years, taking advantage of flaws in Twitter's reporting system. Despite knowing these facts, the US company has done nothing to put an end to these fraudulent reports, which significantly are always directed against users of that social network who do not coincide with the company's leftist line. This political censorship on Twitter has caused controversy in several countries and has even led some governments to announce legal measures to curb these attacks on freedom of speech.

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