The same ones who falsely accused Poland of violating the rule of law

The infamous pamphlet of the European left attacking life and judicial independence

This Thursday, the European left perpetrated a brutal violation of human rights and the rule of law, with the help of some accomplices.

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A resolution promoted by the left and that has split the PPE in half

As reported yesterday by the European Parliament, this Thursday a resolution was approved with a very strong ideological charge, which received 324 votes in favor, 155 against and 38 abstentions. The approved resolution can be read here (see PDF). The motion for a resolution, presented on July 5, was the work of four left-wing parliamentary groups: Renew, the Socialists, the Greens and the communists of The Left. The record of the vote indicates that the majority of the members of the group of conservatives (ECR) voted against (among them the deputies of the Spanish party Vox), while the European People's Party split in half, with a part of its deputies supporting the proposal of the left and another part (among them the Spanish deputies of the Spanish PP) voting against.

The European left tramples on the separation of powers

And what does the approved text say? Well, paradoxically, after attacking the Polish government falsely accusing it of not respecting judicial independence, the European left has trampled on the separation of powers to attack the US Supreme Court for its recent ruling stating that there is no right to abortion in the US Constitution. In addition, the approved resolution also brands the Constitutional Court of Poland as "illegitimate" for its 2021 ruling prohibiting eugenic abortion in that country.

Let us remember that the European Parliament is a legislative chamber, not a judicial one. It does not have the right to amend judicial decisions, and even less so from a democratic country like the USA that is not even part of the EU. That resolution, attacking two courts for issuing sentences that are not to the liking of some deputies, is a very serious attack against the separation of powers by those who wanted to teach Poland about respect for the rule of law.

They want the EU to call the 'right' to kill innocent human beings

But if this attack by the European left on judicial independence is something serious, there are even more serious things in that resolution. In it, the act of killing unborn boys and girls is called "right", one of the most cowardly and cruel forms of murder that exist in our society, and the left also demands that it be included as such in Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU, with this text: "Everyone has the right to safe and legal abortion."

If this aberration were to be included in that Charter, it would be the first "right" of the EU whose exercise implies the death of a human being (the Charter does not even contemplate as a right that someone can kill to other person in legitimate defense), and specifically the death of an innocent and defenseless human being, of the most vulnerable of the members of our own species. This false "right" would contradict Article 2 of the Charter, which says the following:

Right to life
1. Everyone has the right to life.
2. No one shall be condemned to the death penalty, or executed.

Let us remember that the death penalty was a contemplated punishment for those guilty of the most serious crimes. In other words, the European left does not want a dangerous murderer to be executed, but it does want an innocent human being to be killed and dismembered in the early stages of his life, in which he has not even had the opportunity to commit any evil to nobody. I am against the death penalty, and I am against abortion with even more reason. What kind of logic and coherence is to ask for the death penalty for an innocent while rejecting it for a criminal?

A pamphlet that plunges the European Parliament into a morass of indignity and vileness

The wretches who yesterday voted in favor of that infamous resolution deserve that their names be recorded in history as an example of how far the unreason and lack of humanity of certain politicians can go, when they arrogate to themselves unlimited powers typical of a regime totalitarian, powers such as that of attacking a court from a parliament for not obeying the dictates of a fanatical minority, and powers such as that of depriving certain human beings of their right to life. Poland can feel proud of being the exception in a Europe capable of perpetrating pamphlets as heinous as the one approved yesterday in the European Parliament, a pamphlet with which the left and its accomplices have plunged that legislative chamber into a morass of indignity and vileness.

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