One of the best photo series that have been made of these planes

Polish spotter Hesja publishes more formidable photos of Spanish EF-18 fighters

The Polish spotter (aviation photographer) Sławek Krajniewski "Hesja" is the author of a fantastic photo series of the Spanish EF-18Ms of the Vilkas Detachment.

The formidable photographs of Spanish EF-18 fighters taken by a Polish spotter
The Spanish EF-18, the main attraction in a massive popular event in Lithuania

As you could already see here on July 13, those photos were taken on July 7 as part of a session made with two EF-18M fighters from the 12th Wing of the Air Force, deployed from March at the Šiauliai Air Base (Lithuania) on a Baltic Air Policing (BAP) mission for NATO. A photo shoot that was done from the tailgate of a transport plane, with the fighters approaching from behind. On his Facebook page, Hesja has posted more photos from that shoot in recent days. This is, without a doubt, some of the best photos that have been taken so far of these Spanish fighters. You can see them below. To see the enlarged photo, click on each image. This time I will make comments on just some of the photos.

Launch of flares, a countermeasure intended to disorient infrared-guided air-to-air missiles.

A spectacular condensation trail on one of the Spanish fighters.

An excellent photo of the C.15-62 12-20, with the afterburner on and with condensation trails on its leading edge extensions (LERX).

The two Spanish fighters over the Lithuanian forests.

The C.15-62 12-20 with the Spanish flag in front of the HUD.

The C.15-62 12-20 (right) and the C.15-44 12-02 (left), flying with the sunset in the background.

Another image of the C.15-44 12-02 with the afterburner on.

A beautiful image of the two Spanish planes in backlighting.

Another image of the C.15-62 12-20 with the Spanish Flag on the front part of its cockpit.

The C.15-62 12-20 (right, with the Spanish flag in front of the HUD) and the C.15-44 12-02 (left, with a flag from the 12th Wing).

A nice photo in which we see the C.15-44 12-02 in the foreground reflected on the wet runway of the Šiauliai Air Base.

In a few photos you can see the inside of the air intakes of an EF-18M so well.

A good photo with the two fighters giving off condensation trails from their LERX.

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