Spectacular images of a Dutch attack helicopter in an exercise

The very low passes and shots of an AH-64 Apache against a Leopard 1 tank

Participating in a military ground exercise alongside Boeing AH-64 Apache attack helicopters can be, without a doubt, an experience that is hard to forget.

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This week, Danish photographer Christian Thøgersen posted a series of videos of a military exercise, supposedly carried out in Denmark (the photographer does not indicate this), with the presence of an AH-64D Apache helicopter of the Royal Netherlands Air Force (it has its cockade painted on the engines). The exercise has left some spectacular images, such as thosepassed at a very low altitud, just a few meters from the ground, as seen in this first video:

Here's a screenshot of the video showing how low the Dutch AH-64D flew:

And if you've ever wondered what it must feel like to be pointed at by an Apache's 30mm gun, the video has the answer:

In this second video we can see another part of the exercise, in whichthe Dutch AH-64D fired its gun at an old Leopard 1 tank already quite deteriorated. Thøgersen put a camera nearby to show us what the hits from that cannon look like:

inally, Thøgersen has published yet another video showing the AH-64D shooting at a car (if you own a Peugeot, be warned that this video may offend your sensibilities):

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