It was a text designed to impose the ideological dogmas of the left

The most absurd details of the new Constitution that the people of Chile rejected

Yesterday a plebiscite was held in Chile on the new Constitution drawn up by the left, in a very sectarian manner and without seeking consensus with the opposition.

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61.86% of Chileans have voted against this Constitution

The official results of the plebiscite can be found here. 61.86% of voters voted against, which is a clear rejection of the new Constitution (can be read here) and also for the political sectarianism exhibited by the Chilean left in its elaboration process.

As a significant fact, in the second round of the presidential elections held last year, the far-leftist Gabriel Boric obtained 4,620,890 votes. In this plebiscite, "approval" has obtained 4,860,093 votes, only 240,000 more than Boric won in the presidential elections. Likewise, the "rejection" has had 7,882,958 votes. It is a result that clearly indicates that the vast majority of Chileans do not want a Constitution written only with the left in mind.

The ideological nonsense of the rejected text

In fact, the new Constitution was a compendium of all the ideological nonsense of the new left, including its hobbies and obsessions. Without going any further, the Article defined the Chilean Nation as follows:

"Chile is a social and democratic state of law. It is multinational, intercultural, regional and ecological".

The article also defines Chile as "a united republic" with an "inclusive and paritarian" democracy. It also affirms "the substantive equality of human beings and their indissoluble relationship with nature".

Affirmed the existence of women, men and "sexual dissidences"

Article 6 openly displayed all the nonsense of gender ideology, stating: "The State promotes a society where women, men, diversities and sexual dissidents and of participate in conditions of substantive equality". In other words, the left tried to leave biology behind and that in Chile there were more than two sexes. Likewise, that article demonstrated a curious idea of equality, by requiring that all State bodies and public companies have "a paritarian composition that ensures that at least fifty percent of their members are women". A curious idea of "equality" in which a body can have more than 50% women but not men.

It imposed "parity" also for "people of diverse gender"

But the nonsense did not end there, but also that article stated that the State "will adopt measures for the representation of people of diverse gender". Diverse gender? What's that? The same article ended by affirming the purpose of "achieving gender equality" (an ideological term that has nothing to do with equality before the law of a democracy) and imposed gender ideology using the euphemism of the "gender approach", which would be mandatory for all public authorities.

It considered the holder of rights to nature as if it were a person

Article 18 is one of the most controversial. Its point 1 says: "Natural persons are holders of fundamental rights" Natural persons? What's that? Point 3 adds: "Nature is the owner of the rights recognized in this Constitution that are applicable to it". Affirming that nature is the owner of rights, as if it were a person, is a colossal legal nonsense, much to the liking of radical environmentalism, yes.

Its cynical euphemisms to disguise abortion until the moment of delivery

Curiously, the new Constitution left for Article 21 the affirmation of the right to life and the rejection of the death penalty. However, in the same text, Article 61 trampled that right of the most innocent and defenseless, the unborn children, turning abortion into a right with crude euphemisms such as "sexual and reproductive rights" and "voluntary interruption of pregnancy", and even speaking of a "voluntary birth and maternity". From this it follows that the Chilean left, as the left in the US and in other countries has already defended, intended to turn into law also the act of killing an unborn child moments before childbirth. The last straw of monstrosity.

It affirmed the "freedom of education" and at the same time liquidated it

On the other hand, the text leaves the "freedom of teaching" for Article 41, but first imposes sexual indoctrination in teaching according to the dictates of gender ideology (Article 40). In addition, it ends up subordinating the freedom of education of parents to the so-called "academic freedom" of teachers, which in practice means that teachers could teach whatever they want without parental consent, which is an old aspiration of the left in many countries, since a large part of the teaching staff subscribes to its ideological theses.

Chile has rejected an imposition of the ideological dogmas of the left

The people of Chile should be congratulated for having rejected this attempt to impose the ideological dictates of the left. But don't let your guard down. It is only the first attempt and it will not be the last. The left tends to take electoral defeats very badly and Boric will once again try to get away with it. What happened in last year's presidential elections has marked the way for the left: the only way to win is to sow violence in the streets and intimidate Chileans so that they allow themselves to be imposed will of a minority, as evidenced yesterday.


Photo: Reuters.

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