They alert of the infiltration work of the São Paulo Forum and the Puebla Group

Charter of Madrid: 51 personalities warn on the resurgence of the communist yoke

31 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of communism in Europe, this totalitarian ideology is making a comeback, this time in America.

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Communism, which has been imposing its oppression on Cuba for 61 years, is the totalitarian ideology that also inspires other tyrannical regimes such as those of Venezuela and Nicaragua, and it is also promoting subversive movements in other American countries, including the United States. Faced with the resurgence of that totalitarian threat, today the Disenso Foundation (Spain) has published the so-called "Charter of Madrid", a manifesto "in defense of freedom and democracy in the Iberian sphere" signed by 51 personalities from various countries. For your interest I offer you here the full text along with the list of signatories (translation by Counting Stars):


Charter of Madrid: in defense of freedom and democracy in the Iberian sphere

More than 700 million people are part of the Iberosphere, a community of free and sovereign nations that share a deep-rooted cultural heritage and have great economic and geopolitical potential to address the future.

The Iberosphere has all the conditions to be a region of freedom, prosperity and equality before the law. Its peoples are not condemned by any kind of historical determinism.

However, a part of the region is kidnapped by communist-inspired totalitarian regimes, supported by drug trafficking and third countries. All of them, under the umbrella of Cuba and initiatives such as the São Paulo Forum and the Puebla Group, which infiltrate the centers of power to impose their ideological agenda.

The threat is not confined exclusively to the countries that suffer the totalitarian yoke. The ideological and criminal project that is subjugating the freedoms and rights of the peoples of the region has the objective of entering other countries and continents in order to destabilize liberal democracies and the rule of law.

Through this Charter of Madrid, supported by different political and social leaders with different and even divergent views and ideas, we want to affirm that:

  • The advance of communism poses a serious threat to the prosperity and development of our nations, as well as to the freedoms and rights of our compatriots.
  • The rule of law, the separation of powers, freedom of speech and private property are essential elements that guarantee the proper functioning of our societies, which is why they must be especially protected against those who try to undermine them.
  • The defense of our freedoms is a task that belongs not only to the political sphere, but also to institutions, civil society, the media, academia, etc.
  • The future of the Iberosphere countries must be based on respect for democracy, human rights, pluralism, human dignity and justice, for which the undersigned express their commitment to work together in the defense of these values and principles.


  1. Aldo Mariategui, journalist (Peru).
  2. Alejandro Chafuen, International General Director of The Acton Institute (Argentina / USA).
  3. Alfredo Mago, National Labor Commissioner of Vente Venezuela.
  4. Antonio Ledezma, former Metropolitan Mayor of Caracas.
  5. Antonio Rodiles, Cuban opponent.
  6. Aquiles Martini Pietri, Member of SoyVenezuela.
  7. Arturo Murillo, Minister of Government of Bolivia.
  8. Biagio Pilieri, Head of the parliamentary fraction 16 de Julio (Venezuela).
  9. Carlos Bastardo, National Deputy of the National Assembly of Venezuela.
  10. Carlos Salazar,Coordinator of the Coalición Sindical de Venezuela.
  11. Carlos Ortega, President of the union Confederación de Trabajadores de Venezuela.
  12. Cristian Álvarez, Deputy of the Congress of the Republic of Guatemala.
  13. Diego Arria, former Governor of Caracas and former President of the UN Security Council.
  14. Dignora Hernández, Deputy of the National Assembly of Venezuela.
  15. Eduardo Bolsonaro, Federal Deputy for the State of Sao Paulo (Brazil).
  16. Eduardo Verástegui, actor and advisor to the White House Initiative for Hispanic Prosperity, promoted by President Trump (Mexico).
  17. Edwin Luzardo, Deputy of the National Assembly of Venezuela.
  18. Enrique Aristeguieta Gramcko, Political leader and member of the Patriotic Board of 1958 (Venezuela).
  19. Esteban Torres Cobo, Member of the National Assembly of Ecuador.
  20. Fernando Doval, Secretary of Studies and Strategic Analysis of the National Action Party (Mexico).
  21. Giorgia Meloni, President of Fratelli d´Italia.
  22. Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform (USA).
  23. Helen Fernández, former Metropolitan Mayor of Caracas.
  24. Hermann Tertsch, MEP and patron of the Fundación Disenso (Spain).
  25. Humberto Calderón Berti, ex Ministro de Energía y Minas y ex Ministro de Relaciones Exteriores (Venezuela).
  26. Jesús Petit DaCosta, ex-Magistrate and former Attorney General of the Republic of Venezuela.
  27. John D. Fonte, Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for American Common Culture of the Hudson Institute (USA).
  28. José Antonio Kast, Presidento of the Republican Party of Chile.
  29. José Luis Pirela,Deputy of the National Assembly of Venezuela.
  30. Juan Carlos Bolívar, Deputy of the National Assembly of Venezuela.
  31. Juan Pablo García, Deputy of the National Assembly of Venezuela.
  32. Lorenzo Montanari, Executive Director of Property Rights Alliance (USA).
  33. Luis Barragán, Deputy of the National Assembly of Venezuela.
  34. Margarita Restrepo, Senator of the Republic of Colombia.
  35. María Corina Machado, National Coordinator of Vente Venezuela.
  36. María Fernanda Cabal, Senator of the Republic of Colombia.
  37. Melquiades Pulido, entrepreneur (Venezuela).
  38. Mike González, writer and journalist (USA).
  39. Milos Alcalay, former Ambassador of Venezuela and former Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs (Venezuela).
  40. Nafir Morales, Deputy of the National Assembly of Venezuela.
  41. Nitu Pérez Osuna, journalist (Venezuela).
  42. Noel Álvarez, Member of Soy Venezuela.
  43. Omar González Moreno, Deputy of the National Assembly of Venezuela.
  44. Paola Holguin, Senator of the Republic of Colombia.
  45. Pablo Viana, National Deputy of Uruguay.
  46. Pedro Urruchurtu, Vice President of the Liberal Network of Latin America (Venezuela).
  47. Richard Blanco, Deputy of the National Assembly of Venezuela.
  48. Roger Noriega, former US Ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS) with President George W. Bush.
  49. Santiago Abascal, President of Disenso Foundation.
  50. Vladimir Petit Medina, academic (Venezuela).
  51. Zoé Valdés, Cuban writer and dissident.

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