God, Honor, Fatherland

On all banners of the Polish Army there are three words: "Bóg, Honor, Ojczyzna" (God, Honor, Fatherland), a motto used since World War II.

Honors to fallen enemies: when war is not at odds with chivalry

Those three wordsrepresent the national identity of the Poles: their faith in God, their sense of honor and their patriotism. Note that they put honor before Fatherland. It is a good reminder that you cannot be a good patriot without dishonoring your Fatherland with your behavior. Poles have a reputation for chivalry and it is not an undeserved reputation.

Every time I see someone boasting of patriotism while trampling on the most basic sense of honor, I am reminded of that Polish motto. God save Poland for being a people of such clear and admirable ideas.

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