A night to remember

I just saw "A night to remember" (1958). It's been many years since I saw this British film for the last time. Because of the 1997 "Titanic", the 1958 one is now issued very little.

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I don't usually write reviews of old movies, but I especially liked this one. The quality of the film is better than I remembered (even though I had very good memories of it). The deployment of media has nothing to envy the 1997 film. It is a true jewel of black and white cinema, with very good actors of the time, including David McCallum, who is still alive (the coroner from "NCIS") and that in this film he played a radio operator.

Personally, if I have to choose between the 1958 film and the 1997 film, I prefer the first, if only because the former is a very documentary film and it didn't need to invent a totally fictitious romantic story. to attract the public.

Watching this film you realize the great value of many works of classic cinema, which today are only broadcast on specialized channels simply because they are old and in black and white. A curious detail is that I have been able to see the entire film with the scenes that were absurdly censored at the time (they appear in the original version, subtitled in Spanish). The film has been broadcast on the "Clásicos" channel of Movistar Plus, but can also be seen on Youtube in Spanish. I recommend it. You can see the original announcement of the film here:

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