They also threaten feminists who do not think like them with the "bonfire"

Madrid: the mafia threats of LGBT extremists against teachers who disagree with them

The radicalization of the LGTB movement at the hands of the far left is leading its most extreme supporters to carry out actions typical of nazis.

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This week there has been a clear example of these extremist attitudes at the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), specifically in its Faculty of Politics, a well-known bastion of the far left. LGBT extremists have covered the Faculty with papers with mafia threats against professors and against feminists who disagree with the so-called queer theory, the most extreme version of gender ideology, which inspires the controversial "Trans Law" that is promoting the far left party Podemos, one of the partners in the coalition government headed by Pedro Sánchez.

On Thursday, Professor José Errasti reported the events in a series of tweets on those that show the messages and threats of a mafia type that the LGBT extremists have pasted in that Faculty. Errasti is the author of the book "No one is born in the wrong body", a work in which he exposes his discrepancies with queer theory. As you may remember, in May LGBT extremists threatened to burn down a bookstore and the people inside on the occasion of a presentation of that book. This time, and according to Errasti, supporters of queer theory have stolen that book from the Faculty library and have torn out its pages to write their slogans.

Among these slogans you could read things like "The inqueersition has arrived at the UCM" (making a sinister combination of the words "queer" and "inquisition"), "The only wrong body is the Police" and also a motto that makes clear the scant intellectual seriousness of his approaches: "Every time you complain we create 7 more genres."

One of those slogans, in which these extremists presume to be the new inquisition, has even been reflected in a large banner in a courtyard of the Faculty. A clear way of shouting from the rooftops how fanatical and intolerant they are.

But the thing has gone beyond a mere exhibition of fanaticism and intolerance. On one of the posters, made with two pages torn from Errasti's book, LGBT extremists have written a mafia threat to teachers who don't think like them: "Transphobic teachers, you have a gift under the car!!!", a threat that evokes the times when the terrorist group ETA placed bombs under the vehicles of the people they murdered.

Feminists opposed to queer theory have also been the target of threats from these LGBT extremists. In one of their leaflets, written with three pages torn from Errasti's book, they wrote the following: "Academic transphobia, to the stake with the terfs", a nickname given by these extremists to feminists who do not think like them.

Likewise, on one of their banners, the LGTB extremists threaten these feminists with this text: "Terfs you are on our lists."

Despite the seriousness of the threats, the Complutense University and the Faculty of Politics have not published any statement condemning these mafia behaviors. From the government of Pedro Sánchez and from the Ministry of Equality, in the hands of Podemos, they have not issued any condemnation against these threats either.

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