They wanted to prevent the presentation of a book critical of 'queer genderism'

LGBT extremists threaten to burn down a bookstore and the people who were inside

All totalitarians have one thing in common: their hatred of Freedom, which leads them to want to dictate to us, by force, what we can read and what we cannot.

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Book burnings at the hands of Nazis and Communists

On May 10, 1933, in front of the Friedrich-Wilhelms University, the national-socialists carried out the most famous book burning of the 20th century. The reason? That they considered that certain books were "incorrect" and that they had to be burned so that no one could read them. It was simply fear that someone would decide to think for themselves and disagree with the followers of Hitler.

On June 1, 1955, the scene was repeated in East Germany under a communist dictatorship, coinciding with International Children's Day. The communists burned books they considered "dirty and rubbish literature" at the 18th Primary School in Berlin-Pankow. Once again, the totalitarians decided what you could read and what you couldn't. After all, communism is the same anti-democratic garbage as Nazism. Just change the packaging.

A book that disagrees with 'queer genderism' from the left

This Monday, the burning of books was about to be repeated in Barcelona. LGTB groups called a protest against the presentation of the book "Nadie nace en un cuerpo equivocado" (No one is born in a wrong body), written by psychologists José Errasti and Marino Pérez Álvarez. It is, as they acknowledge, a criticism of "queer genderism", the most radical and intolerant variant of gender ideology, which is currently defended by the far-left (in the case of Spain, Podemos party is one of the main champions of that theory, and the communist minister Irene Montero is one of its best-known promoters).

It is not the first time that LGBT extremists have directed the scissors of their censorship against books that they consider that no one should read. This intolerance has been suffered by conservative authors in Spain for years, for the mere fact of daring to criticize such a colossal and anti-scientific nonsense as gender ideology from its very roots. The book presented yesterday, however, criticizes queer theory from a progressive perspective. Its chapter I (see PDF) even vindicates two well-known leftists, Simone de Beauvoir and Betty Friedan, qualifying them as "indisputable references of feminism of equality", being how they were pioneers of that gender ideology that is managing to devour the feminism from which it arose.

They threatened to burn down the bookstore and those who were inside

One of the authors of the book, José Errasti, pointed out yesterday that they were able to present it and even filled the room, but that they had to suspend the final round of questions because the LGBT activists who were demonstrating "threatened to burn down the bookstore with us inside." In his tweet, he shows a video of an attempted assault on the bookstore by those fans, who were kept at bay by the Catalan Police.

A violent intolerance that conservatives had already been suffering

These types of threats are not something new. Five years ago, a campaign critical of gender ideology received identical threats in Valencia. So many people on the left were not worried, because those threatened were conservatives. Now things have changed, and the ones receiving the arson threats are the people on the left who do not agree with queer theory. The range of threatened widens when that aberrant totalitarian ideology has already crept into our laws and schools, and is directly threatening our freedoms.

Some institutions, politicians and media in Spain encourage this intolerance

What that radical wing of gender ideology demonstrated yesterday is that they act as Nazis and communists did before. They try to dictate to us what we can say and what we can't, what we can read and what we can't, what we should think and what we shouldn't. They resort to violence against anyone who disagrees with them, in a clear attempt to instill fear into thinking freely. Those left over in any democratic society are the fanatics who want to impose their ideas on others through violence. Against these fanatics we must act with the full weight of the law. Instead, what some institutions, politicians and media in Spain do is encourage their intolerance and their violence. They seem hell-bent on liquidating our democracy and our freedoms, because they get in the way of imposing their ideology on us. It is time to react.


Main photo: CordonPress / National Geographic. The burning of books by the Nazis on May 10, 1933 at the Opera Square in Berlin.

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