The documents preserved there indicate that it was active until 1997

Hungary: an underground Cold War military bunker with its equipment still intact

Fans of exploring abandoned military installations almost always come across places vandalized and in ruins.

Island of Vis: an abandoned secret submarine base and battery in the Adriatic Sea
An abandoned air base and a large submarine base in a small country in Europe

This is not the case with the installation that concerns us today, which was shown in a video published this afternoon by the channel Exploring the Unbeaten Path. On this occasion, what we see is a Hungarian Army communications bunker from the Cold War era. At the end of World War II, the Kingdom of Hungary was occupied by the Soviet army. Stalin established a communist dictatorship controlled by Moscow, as happened in other countries of the so-called Soviet bloc. In 1950 the Hungarian People's Army was formed, with two branches: the ground forces and the air forces, with a total of about 70,000 soldiers.

The facility that concerns us today was intended to keep military communications active in the event of a nuclear attack. To do this, the bunker was built underground, in order to withstand an atomic explosion. It also had radiation decontamination equipment. According to the documents that are still there, these facilities were in operation until 1997, eight years after the fall of the communist dictatorship in Hungary. The date of its abandonment and the fact of being located in the middle of a forest would be the reasons why this bunker is in good condition, with no signs of vandalism and with its equipment intact. Something very rare in this type of facility. Here the video:

Below you can see some screenshots of the video, as a preview. When entering the bunker, the first thing explorers encounter is this "guardian": individual radiation protection equipment.

A Hungarian firefighters cap in one of the bunker rooms. The cap is post-Cold War: it bears the Hungarian coat of arms with the crown of King Saint Stephen, recovered as the official symbol of the country in 1990 , after the fall of the communist dictatorship.

A meeting room, curiously with the chairs anchored to the floor. I do not know the reason for this: were they afraid that someone would steal the chairs? It must have been really uncomfortable having to sit down with that anchoring system.

A box for an oxygen supply kit, with texts in Hungarian and Russian.

In the bunker there are several well-preserved old telephones. The authors of the video have not released the location of the bunker, so let's hope it remains in that good condition for years.

The communications room of the bunker, with a telephone switchboard in good condition. Everything is as if it had been abandoned only a few months ago.

The generator room, also in good condition.

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