New attack by the Spanish left on the right to equality before the law

Pedro Sánchez wants to privilege those who prove to be LGBT: and how is that proven?

The imposition of gender ideology is liquidating the right to equality before the law in Spain, with the excuse of compensating "oppressed" groups.

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A violation of Article 14 of the Spanish Constitution

Today it has become known that the government of Pedro Sánchez wants to grant privileges to LGBT (lesbians, gays, transsexuals and bisexuals) when it comes to getting a job. The proposal will be included in the new Employment Law, which will allow those who prove to be members of this group to obtain benefits. The news is causing stupor in Spain, because this measure violates Article 14 of the Spanish Constitution: "Spaniards are equal before the law and may not in any way be discriminated against on account of birth, race, sex, religion, opinion or any other personal or social condition or circumstance."

The purpose of the measure: buy votes

Years ago we were told that homosexuals and transsexuals should not be legally discriminated against, and that is very good. They are citizens like everyone else and have the same rights as everyone else. But now it turns out that they are not equal, but that they will have more rights than the others, enjoying privileges when it comes to getting a job. And about what? Why might a homosexual have more difficulty getting a job than anyone else? What the Spanish government is doing is buying votes at the cost of violating a fundamental right, such as the equality of all before the law. The last straw is that this is done by the same left that presumes to defend equality.

How do they intend to prove if a person is LGBT?

On the other hand, how is it legally proven that you are LGBT? According to the newspaper El Mundo, the government has stated: "Common guidelines will be followed in the Administration for other types of procedures such as a certificate of coexistence unit or a responsible declaration It is a framework law that will be developed later". In other words, they have no idea how they are going to do it. Having a certificate of coexistence unit, in addition, would prevent access to that privilege to the numerous LGTBI who do not live with anyone. I don't want to imagine the tests they will do to obtain that accreditation, because we are talking about sexual matters and the only way to prove them is sexually. The "responsible declaration" would be to open the door for everyone to declare themselves LGBT, without being so, to obtain advantages when looking for a job.

What is happening with this law is one more example of the nonsense that is being caused by the promotion and imposition of gender ideology in Spain. In a democratic country, the government should refrain from getting into our crotch and guarantee the equality of all before the law. But the left wants to make sexual minorities privileged and that has such ridiculous consequences as having to prove to an official that you are attracted to people of the same sex or that you feel like a woman while being a man. The ideological occurrences of the left are installing our society in the most complete surrealism, and the worst thing is that many Spaniards swallow everything, for fear of being labeled as "homophobic" or "transphobic" by a irrational left that prefers anathemas to arguments.


Photo: Efe.

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