Some images of that fifth generation fighter recorded at RAF Lakenheath

Six impressive quick climbs of USAF F-35A Lightning II fighters

One of the most impressive maneuvers a modern fighter can perform is the so-called fast climb carried out just after takeoff.

Ted Coningsby: the teddy bear who managed to fly in a Eurofighter and with the Red Arrows
The history of the circular national insignias used by military aviation

In this maneuver, a combat aircraft exhibits its power by climbing almost vertically until it reaches a great height. Ted Coningsby, the famous teddy bear who got to fly with the Red Arrows, released a video yesterday showing six USAF F-35A Lightning II fighters performing quick climbs after takeoff at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk, England:

The images are impressive indeed. According to, the F-35 has a rate of climb (RoC) of 230 meters per second, that is, a speed of 828 km/h. Of course, this all depends on certain circumstances, such as the weapons and fuel that the plane is carrying.

However, the F-35 is not the aircraft with the highest rate of climb. Other single-engine fighters such as the Mirage 2000 (285 m/s), the F-16 and the JAS-39 Gripen (both with 254 m/s) surpass him. If we go to the twin-engine fighters, we find brands such as the MiG-29 (330 m/s), the F-22 Raptor and the Eurofighter Typhoon (both with 315 m/s), the F-15 and the F/A-18E Super Hornet (both with 254 m/s).

+ NOTE 22:05h: By mistake I initially put that the fighters were from the RAF. Ted Coningsby has warned me that they were USAF fighters, sorry for the mistake.

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