The Russian govt threatened the Moldovan govt with the example of Ukraine

Russia's Christmas message: Threaten with another invasion of little Moldova

Russia seems bent on becoming the Third Reich of the 21st century, constantly threatening its neighbors if they don't obey Moscow's whims.

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Transnistria and the Russian tactic to invade neighboring countries

While the West was celebrating Christmas Eve, yesterday the Russian government launched itself to threaten little Moldova, a country culturally very close to Romania (they even have the same flag, with the only difference being the coat of arms) and which gained independence from the USSR in August 1991. Currently Moldova, which is a neutral country, is seeking to strengthen its ties with the West also in terms of defense, given the obvious threat posed by Russian imperialism, especially after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This rapprochement between Moldova and the West has felt very badly in Moscow, which has maintained troops in the eastern strip of Moldovan territory, in the self-proclaimed republic of Transnistria, since 1995. Specifically, it is a contingent of about 1,500 Russian soldiers divided into three infantry battalions. Due to this separatist republic, the scenario created by Moscow to justify its invasions of Georgia (2008), Crimea (2014) and Ukraine (2022) would be repeated in Moldova. The tactic is always the same: Russia promotes separatism in a neighboring country and then invades it.

The Russian government threatens Moldova with the example of Ukraine

Yesterday's threats were made by Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin, via the Russian government broadcaster Sputnik Radio. "The reckless pumping of NATO weapons into Moldova destabilizes the situation in the region,", Galuzin noted, a very cynical statement considering that Russia itself has an armed contingent in Moldova.

The deputy minister has pointed out that such actions by Western countries do not contribute to guaranteeing the security of Moldova, but rather "bring it closer to a catastrophe". And in case there were any doubts about what he means, he urged Moldova not to repeat "the sad experience of kyiv in this matter".

Russia is pushing its neighbors to apply for NATO membership

With this type of threat, the only thing that Russia is achieving is encouraging countries that until now have been neutral to join NATO, in an attempt to obtain protection against the bullying of its Russian neighbor, as has already happened with Finland and Sweden. But not even belonging to the Atlantic Alliance frees anyone from being threatened by Moscow. Let's remember that in May, the Russian State Duma threatened an invasion of Poland, a NATO member since 1999. That has prompted the Polish Army to push an unprecedented arms purchase program to defend against possible Russian aggression.


Foto: Reuters. Vladimir Putin en un mitin en el Estadio Luzhniki el 23 de febrero de 2022, un día antes del inicio de la invasión rusa de Ucrania.

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